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Thoughts, Prayers, and Donations..


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Fellow Too Members.. This was brought to my attention by a member here...

Some of you might know that Ronnie's (Manboy on Archery Talk) family was in a car crash on november 13th. His daughter Courtney 13 years old was lost at the scene. Heather his wife and mckayla his daughter was life flighted to Rapid city hospital. Cody his son has a broken arm, 2 broken toes, and a sever sprained ankle. Heather has.....A broken back, with 2 crushed vertibra....2 crushed ankles.....a cut in her spleen....3 broken ribs.... She should be out of this hospital in 6-8 weeks
Here is a link to Manboys post about it.


Updates on heather's condition can be found at

Besides the oblivious emotion stress this causes a tremendous financial burden on the family.

There has been a fund set up in sundance

Donations can be sent to:

Sundance State Bank
miller fund
sundance wy

0r PAYPAL Momofmcc@collinscom.net

Those of you that know Manboy,Know what a great guy he is. He has hosted the A/T antelope hunt for 3 years in row. Taking many A/T members afield helping them harvest there game. The Hunt was always free and he never asked for anything. Well he has helped so many of us, Here is are chance to help him.

Pray for him and his family and if Possible make a donation to the miller fund.


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Not that there is ever a good time for a tragedy like this, but it compounds the problem when it happens this time of ear. Thoughts and prayers to the family...