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Thoughts and Prayers


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
Supporting Member
Ashtabula, Ohio
Hey guys, just asking for thoughts and prayers for my father.

I was rigging down to come home after working on the site since November 02 and my Mom called. My dad had chest pains and is in the hosptial. They are not sure at this time what the issue is.

Not the home comming I was hoping for............


Super Moderator
Super Mod
North Central Ohio
Thoughts and prayers my friend. I am crossing my fingers everything will be just fine. If you all need anything don't hesitate to give me a yell.

I want updates as well !!!!


*Supporting Member*
Mahoning Co.
Prayers sent for your parents, CJD and you. There's never a good time to go through these thing but Christmas is the worst.


Senior Member
Praying for you man, I learned last year that even small scares with dads and hearts are not good things. Hopefully it will be just that and everything will turn out alright.

Praying for you


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Sorry to hear this Dude and CJD. Having been thru a quadruple bypass with my Dad when he was 59, I can offer some sympathy. Scary stuff. Modern medical practices are amazing. I am sure by getting in to check it out he is in good medical hands. The good Lord can take the lead from here. I will keep you, your father, and your family in my prayers. Phil


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
Supporting Member
Ashtabula, Ohio
Thanks again guys. Just talked to my Mom and I am taking her up to the hospital tomorrow morning, got a wake up call with her since I am really burnt from working since Nov 02.
Big Bro ( CJD) will be on his way home tomorrow morning. I think all is good but I have some haunting issues when I was younger with my grandfather who I loved so very much. Moved him from Ashtabula to Cleveland, I visited him everyday in town, that night when the moved him I figured I would go see him the next morning.............he passed away that night, I never saw him

I think and pray Dad will be OK but I will find out tomorrow. He is a great guy.