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  1. jagermeister

    DEAL Predator Camo, Copperhead Baselayers, Bloodsport Arrows

    Predator Camo - High Plains Jacket & Pants. Jacket is size XL and pants are size L. Both in Brown Deception pattern. Great early-to-mid season set... DWR coated softshell, wind resistant and breathable with microfleece interior. Barely worn, washed twice. Condition 9/10. Includes free...
  2. Huckleberry Finn

    FOR SALE Predator Pants and More

    I've got a few things I need to clean out...they don't get used or don't fit anymore. Predator Pants - $35TYD 6 pocket pants, brown deception Bought new at the Expo on Sunday, they are an XL but fit way to tight. Probably more like a 34" waist. Still have the tags on 'em, I paid $35 for...
  3. jagermeister

    First bath...

    Nothing like dropping virgin camo in for it's first bath. The only thing better is it's first smoke... :smiley_bril:
  4. jagermeister

    FOR SALE Predator Camo (Fall Gray) - Fleece Jacket, Pants, & Insulated Bibs

    I bought these garments in November of 2011, so they are dang-near new. Predator is coming out with the new High Plains series jacket and pants soon, so I'm hoping to sell these to help pay for the new stuff. The jacket and pants are predator fleece, which contains a windblocker. These are...
  5. Beentown

    Predator Camo...

    I am contemplating ordering some Predator Camo from Milo @ SCO. Wanted to see if anyone else was interested so that we could order at the same time and save on shipping. Any interest?
  6. Beentown

    FOR SALE Treelimb Predator Quiver 5 arrow...

    Give you guys a crack before going to AT. Up for sale is a new Treelimb 5 arrow quiver in Predator. Just got this one in from them. $35 TYD for my Toozers.
  7. matt hougan

    Predator hunting competition

    A freind and I are in the infancy stages of organizing a predator hunting competition as a fund raising effort for Heart of the Outdoors Ministry, in Mainville, Ohio. We are looking at next February, one day hunt. Two man teams. Meet at a eatery on a Friday night so we can go over the rules...
  8. cynergyone

    Predator Hunting Need Help

    Hey guys I decided this year that I wanted to get into predator hunting. It's probably the only thing I've never put an effort into hunting. I just purchased a FoxPro Scorpion electronic call preloaded with 50 sounds. I also bought a mojo critter decoy. $475 all together. Now I need tips on...
  9. Mike

    DEAL Predator® Universal Cable Lock $9.97

  10. Matt

    predator encounter while turkey hunting.

    Went out this morning turkey hunting. It was a great morning, it was rough at first trying to locate the birds but finally got on some. First set up was a bust, so I moved and tried to pick a fight with a hen. I had out only a hen dekes, and I set up against a tree when I catch movement in the...
  11. JD Boyd

    Predator trail cams no more

    Just found out that Predator closed there doors friday. So now I have 2 cams in my garage that needed to be sent back for repairs and now I can't get them fixed. Owner lost everything. Sad to hear that about someone but now I'm out the $$$ for the cams...