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predator encounter while turkey hunting.


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Norton, OH
Went out this morning turkey hunting. It was a great morning, it was rough at first trying to locate the birds but finally got on some. First set up was a bust, so I moved and tried to pick a fight with a hen. I had out only a hen dekes, and I set up against a tree when I catch movement in the brush. It turns out to be two coyotes headed straight for my sexy turkey calling. When they got within about 75 hats, they split, one came around to my left and the other to ky right, circling my decoy. The one on the left got to about 30 yards on a trot and spooked, running to my left. I tried to turn and took a shot but missed. They didnt stick around long after that, and took off. Real pretty yotes too, real light coloring. I'm pissed that I choked! An awesome experience though, and a beautiful morning in the woods.


Bass Whisperer
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North Carolina
Wow, makes for a good morning.... Too bad you didn't connect... Would of made a good campfire story....