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  1. themedic

    A TOO prompted project

    I saw some of the hunting clothing storage idea's on a thread on TOO a couple months back and it prompted me to fix up a little storage room under the back porch for storing hunting clothing and equipment. This was originally the canning room in the old farm house. It was block walls and had...
  2. Mike

    Long bow project

    Well, I went ahead and ordered an unfinished longbow. I have absolutely no desire to pick up a compound bow, ever. I'll kill deer with my crossbow and then have fun with this thing. It's 71" long and 41# and will accommodate my long draw length. If I don't like it, I'll hang it on my wall! I'll...
  3. woodyw333

    Wounded Warrior Project Benefit Shoot

    This is probably in the wrong place, and last minute but any of yall that dont have anything going on this weekend and want to shoot your bow for a damn good cause.. Come on down to Nok'd Up Archery located at 11753 Wilson Rd, Independence Ky. Every year we put on this shoot on Memorial weekend...
  4. "J"

    Morning project

    Spent the morning doing some reloading .243 working a load up too fine tune the old varmint gun....
  5. Boone

    Glenfield Model 60 Project

    Does anyone here own a Glenfield Model 60? With the weather still not cooperating this spring, I found time to work on a Glenfield Model 60 .22 lr over the weekend that was recently given to me by someone who doesn’t shoot and knows I am interested in all things hunting and fishing. For a...
  6. Longdraw

    Offseason Decoy project

    I've been buying a few here & there of old Herters 72 divers and a few puddlers and a few coots that were beat up,so I could burlap them and restle coat them,its been alot more than I ever thought it would be,buying all new stainless eyebolts and washers and alot of time sanding heads and...
  7. bowhunter1023

    The Olympic Project

    I am a loyal listener of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and he recently interviewed Bigfoot expert James "Bobo" Fay. During their interview, they discussed the Olympic Project and some of the pictures they had compiled during their attempts to locate Bigfoot. There are some great pictures in...
  8. DJK Frank 16

    Boat Floor Project

    I finally had a chance to sit down and post this up. I did it a few weekends ago. My goal was to put a floor in my 14ft aluminum boat that accomplished 3 goals - sturdy, removable, and raised enough for installing some high back cushioned seats, but without throwing off the center of gravity...
  9. hickslawns

    The 65 Project

    I bought a property for our business this spring. Under 8acres with a 30x40 building on it. I bought it mainly for the storage space. The acreage and woods was a bonus. I bought it off a friend and have hunted it before. Not great, but not terrible. I killed my first archery deer on this...
  10. Tree Monkey

    Trailer Project

    Here is my next project I will be working on slowly...I am not gonna tell you guys what I have planned yet! ! TOO be continued .......
  11. aholdren

    Backyard Project

    The wife has been wanting our backyard redone so that we would use it, so this is what it was to what it is now. After some dirt removal The new stuff
  12. Beentown

    Job was cancelled...todays project.

    Had a spray job cancelled for today because of wind. So I have the guys finishing up another job. Looked at my honey do list and decided it all could wait ;) Needed to shoot my bow some but again then wind was a deterrant. My target was looking awefully beat up out there so I drug it inside...
  13. Bowhunter57

    Camo Rifle Project

    I had this old Marlin .22, given to me, by a relative that said he had too many guns. I didn't know there was a such thing. :smiley_confused_vra Anyway, the bluing was horrible and the wood wasn't much better. Even so, I put a Barska 3x9x40 on it and sighted it in with some Remington Golden...
  14. Schu72

    Basement Project 2011

    Not really a how to.... Just something to keep track of the progress. This was day one. Probably 50+% of framing done.
  15. Longdraw

    New Waterfowl Project

    Training a 7wk. old pup named "Storm" This is Curran's photography my photography with curran's dog Timber Bumper training
  16. badger

    Todays Project

    I should have been working this week, but things changed and I'm not. (Adam I'll fill ya in later) So with the week off I'm doing projects I had planned for later on. My fire pit had almost nine years of ash that was over flowing. I wanted to move it and do a complete new pit with fire...
  17. Curran

    Iran & Venezuela missile project

    Here's something to make you feel warm & fuzzy... http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2011/05/17/iran-building-secret-missile-installation-venezuela/
  18. Tree Monkey

    The third and final project for the summer!!!!

    I haven't been on much....between mowing, mulching, and prepping for the pour....I have been shot in the evenings...I had to do most of the work by myself ...... given the lack of workers on pouring day ...and their lack of concrete experience it looks ok....oh and the rain that hit saturday as...
  19. Tree Monkey

    one project done ....two more to go!

    Here is the first of three big home projects I have to do this spring /summer.......got this swingset from sams club and took me 2hrs to organize the parts and a week of working on it after work and all weekend......just need sunshine to enjoy it!!....next two projects are a 5yd patio and...
  20. Bowhunter57

    Canoe Outrigger Project

    Due to my wife's inability to sit still, lack of coordination and the possible loss of my fishing gear...I've built some outriggers for my canoe. I have yet to paint them, but plan to do so and use the same color as the canoe. Stuff List: * 2 street 45s * 2 4x4x2 tees * 4 4" pvc caps *...