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  1. bowhunter1023

    TOO Projects Thread

    There are a lot of industrious people around here, so I know there are a lot of good projects going on our there right now. We have a few sporadic threads about them here and there, so I hoped condensing things in to one thread might prompt more people to let us know what they are up to. As...
  2. Boone

    Starting on this year's projects

    Last weekend I finally caught a break with the kid’s sports schedules to head down 77 and do some post season scouting and begin work on this year’s projects. As usual, we didn’t find any sheds. I have only found a handful of sheds my whole life, even when looking purposefully for them. Right...
  3. Milo

    Whats coming up on your agenda for late winter projects?

    Well what do you have planned for your place this winter/early spring? I will be cutting several trees down and cleaning up from having our place cut this year. Prolly get some firewood made up too. Looking at some more tree planting and trimming scrub trees off our better developing timber.