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  1. teej89

    New bow tuning question

    So I've used the same bow for the past ten years and recently I bought my new Insanity and have been shooting it since then. Haven't had the time to actually dial in 50 and 60 yd pins but I dialed in my 30 and my 40yd is pretty decent. Now my question is before I go and dial in those other...
  2. hickslawns

    Ethics question: No wrong answer

    Here is the scenario: My son and I were driving down the road tonight. I see a rabbit which was obviously hit by a car but suffering. It made it to the edge of the road but was only able to pull with it's front legs a little. Really not moving much but quite clearly struggling and suffering...
  3. Johnch

    Tree question

    OK as I feel up to it I am cutting brush along the dike , at the marsh I have a tree I have never seen and so far not found in my tree book Hoped to take a picture , but flat forgot the camera today Compound leaves 6-8" long with about 1 -1 1/4" leaflets Semi smooth bark But...
  4. Diane

    Random Snake Question

    I have a garter snake that is living under my front porch and shows himself often during the day. If it would bite one of my dogs, is that something I should be concerned about? I know they are not poisonous, but I just wondered if that would warrant a trip to the vet or anything, just due...
  5. Monster Raxx

    Question For Milo

    I am looking for new broadheads to use this year. Do you still recommend the ones you were talking about last year? What was the company and name of the broadhead again? Thanks Tom
  6. buckbuster217

    Rifle question

    I will be the first to admit that I know little about hunting rifles, with that being said my upcoming bear hunt I am going to need a rifle, I have an uncle who has a .308 remington that he said I was more than welcome to use if I wanted, I have been doing alittle research here on the net and...
  7. "J"

    Question for iPhone users

    A lot of the videos posted don't show in the threads when I open them up, can't remember if it is on all of them or not but it does seem like the vast majority are like that... Anyone else have that problem or know the fix for it? The only way so far to view them is going too my pc....
  8. MandRroofing

    Trail cam Question, to hunt or not to...

    If you are not getting any pics youd like to see from a cam all summer,Do you still hunt that spot even if it has produced last year but its not looking good this year as far as pics go?Do you still hunt it of do you trust the cam?
  9. Dannmann801

    General Question and Answer thread

    It might be fun and educational to throw out a few questions, jump right in.... Seriously...Ketchup packets... Anybody got any idea what the shelf life is supposed to be on them left in your work desk unrefrigerated?
  10. Gern186

    The answer to the question

    About 2 weeks ago one of our 3 cats came up missing. I checked up and down the road and was sure she didn't get hit by a car. The cat was fixed and she never got far from the back yard and was always around the house at first light, that was up until a couple weeks ago when she was nowhere to...
  11. finelyshedded

    Turkey question

    Just wondering, is there an accurate way to age a turkey? I figure jakes are 2 years old or there abouts but what indicates a bird that is 5,6, or 7?
  12. aholdren

    Septic system question

    Im considering buying some property that does not have access to city sewage. Can someone tell me how many acres I need for a septic system.
  13. Alphamax10

    Question on what to buy... Scentblocker silent shell or Mack daddy

    I can't decide between the two on which on I am going to purchase. Anyone wear either of the suits that can give pros and cons? I'm truly just looking for more of a beginning to mid year suit so I am leaning towards the silent shell but I figured I would ask around before making up my mind.
  14. saddlepants

    Gun/scope question

    I had a scope on my muzzy and the blast from the cap started to fugger it up so I removed it...any suggestions for a different scope or mount?
  15. J

    Deer Vision Question

    I searched around the site to see if this had been discussed before, but could not find anything... Please let me know what your thoughts are regarding the vision of deer. I went to a seminar last year put on by Wade Nolan and he spoke about deer vision. He said that deer see in ultraviolet...
  16. Dannmann801

    My Response to an Anti-Hunter's question

    I'm selling sets of crow decoys on Ebay. I received this message from an Ebay member - Dear GoodcrowDecoys, I do not mean to start any problems, but I am curious to know why you would want to kill crows? Crows are probably the smartest bird on the planet. I collect crow items, and like...
  17. RedCloud

    Whitetail fawn question

    I was sitting here thinking about what info Dante and myself have put together of the fawns in our area from this year and last years batch. Seems to me that the doe in our area have tossed down more BB fawns last year and this year and I have also noticed the sets of twin BB fawns on an...
  18. U

    scrape hunting question

    sitting in my stand the other evening , i watch a nice buck come in and make scrapes about every 40 to 50 yards along the woodsline that borders a corn field . the scrape line is inside the woods about 30 yards from the field , now this scrape line follows the woods line from where the woods...
  19. B

    Public land for youth hunt question

    New to the site but long time "lurker". I want to bring my son on the youth gun hunt coming up in Nov. What are the best public areas in the Southeast part of the state? And the areas with the least amount of pressure during this hunt? He has shot a few does but has never seen a buck while we...
  20. bthompson1004

    Arrow flight question

    So I've been shooting and practicing all summer long with my PSE Deerhunter, set at 29" and 70#...shot easton XX75 camo hunters in .400spine with 2" quickfletch twister vanes an 100gr pionts and practice broadheads...got it dialed in pretty good... Finally made the jump to the 21st century...