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  1. jagermeister

    Brown Bros. Farms

    With all the discussion lately about cooking and grilling, I figured it'd be a good time to share this Ohio-based source of free-range, non-GMO poultry, beef, and goat meat... available for local pick up AND online ordering with delivery. My cousin started this business in Paris, OH when he was...
  2. hickslawns

    Long range tips

    I know it is late to be attempting to "fix" any issues with my long range shooting. However, I will say I am extremely confident (90-100% confident) in shots 30yds and under and probably 75% confident at 40yds. Outside of one deer I killed at 36yds, I don't think I have ever killed one over...
  3. dante322

    Better day at the range

    Seems a loose scope mount can really create some issues, and tightening those mounts makes a world of difference. I sighted in at fifty yards first, then worked on one hundred yards. I have settled on 100 grain pellet, and a 250 grain powerbelt aerotip. I made scope adjustments between...
  4. dante322

    Not a good day at the range

    It was a simple plan... Go to the shooting range at Delaware and get a muzzy dialed in. I have 2 muzzies. One is a Remington Genesis .50 that, as of the last time I was at the range, seemed to be hitting ok at 100 yards with a 250 grain powerbelt and 100 grain pyrodex. The other is a CVA .45...
  5. cotty16

    Day at the trap range

    The sponsor for Kody and Klay's little league team was Island Creek Sporting Clays in Toronto, Ohio. The owner's grandson always lands on the same team as my boys, so he's been the sponsor for the last 4 years or so. My boys, especially Kody, have spent quite a few days at the range and the...
  6. Dannmann801

    Range help from a TOO brother -

    Sunday I had the privilege of introducing a young man from work to the shooting sports. He's a sophomore in college, and had never used firearms before, so I had a clean slate to work with. After gun basics and safety instruction, I started him out with a single-shot open sights .22 rifle at...
  7. Dannmann801

    Couple of good days at the range

    I'm very frustrated right now because my honey-do's and family schedules and other obligations have been eating my weekends like mad ever since April, and my outdoor pursuits are lagging (but that's a story for another thread). But I have managed to get the range and do a little shooting...
  8. Mike

    Range Finder App

    There is actually a range finder app. for Android. It uses the camera lens and it appears to be accurate from short distances. I will test it further and report back.
  9. Beentown


    Anyone been here: http://handlebarranch.com/site/?Our_Archery I am always looking for somewhere TOO shoot and this would be closer to me than Broken Arrow.
  10. M

    day at the range

    took the wife this afternoon so we could sight in her wolf and my encore.got the wifes on paper in 2 shots then she took over,don't have pics but the last 3 shots at 50yrds had one ragged hole 2 1/2'' high so i took it out to 100yrds an she took 2 shots 1st 3'' left an 2''high 2nd 1'' right...
  11. Tree Monkey

    range finder advice

    I have been challenging my shooting skills and trying to take g-hogs at a min of 250yds and out .I have had success but would like my percentage to be higher and most of the misses are because of my yardage estimate or lack of. Anyone out there got a recommendation for a long distance range...
  12. matthewusmc8791

    Long Range Savage

    My Savage i put togeather that i've been using to do some long range practice at some 12"x12" plates at 1000yds +... My goal is to hit 80% of my hits at 1000yds or less and 60% of my hits at 1500yds or further.... :) you know how those Marines think...lol
  13. RedCloud

    Bushnell range finder

    I bought a Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport 450 the other day and was just wondering if any of you other guys have used them and what you thought about it. I have played around with mine a few times so far and it seems to be a good one. I will be taking it to the range in a few days and put it to the...
  14. Ohiosam

    Flintlock range report.

    Went to the range on Friday and shot my new flintlock for the first time. A friend that shoots them a lot took me to show me the ropes. It's a .54 caliber that my wife got me for Christmas. I began by putting a little priming charge in the pan and "shooting" that off to get the hang of...
  15. Tree Monkey

    best range finder

    Not sure if this is the forum for it .....but oh well. Looking for a good brand range finder in the 100-150 range. Any ideas or brands that are junk. I know I wont get an elite one but don't need one. Just one for coyote,groundhig,and deer hunting. Thanks for th info