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Bushnell range finder


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North Central Ohio
I bought a Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport 450 the other day and was just wondering if any of you other guys have used them and what you thought about it.

I have played around with mine a few times so far and it seems to be a good one. I will be taking it to the range in a few days and put it to the test lol.



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Southeast Ohio
It does the job now. Had to send mine back for work straight from bass pro. I did drop it from the treestand last year and it still works fine.


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Massillon, Ohio
i heard alot of people crack on them but i thnk they are good. Heck of alot better than my wildview one....im 10 yds off everytime past 30
Not sure (can't remember ) if they are suposed to be water proof
Mine isn't and neither is my buddys
It has foged up badly a number of times
Put it on the dash of the truck in the sun for a day or 2 and all clear again

Will not range a deer or ground hog past 300 yds
But 90% of my use is for bow hunting

My buddys eats a battery in 3-4 weeks , even if not used
Mine has the same battery from 2 falls back and still works perfict

IMO a decent range finder

I am hoping to upgrade before fall to one that is water proof
As that is my only major gripe
Longer range to a non reflective target will also be nice



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Gods Country
Had that exact model for about three years now. It says it will only range to about 450 yds. but I ranged large reflective items such as a white house at 1540 once.

The only piece I am leery about is the trajectory angle from in a treestand.