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best range finder

Not sure if this is the forum for it .....but oh well. Looking for a good brand range finder in the 100-150 range. Any ideas or brands that are junk. I know I wont get an elite one but don't need one. Just one for coyote,groundhig,and deer hunting. Thanks for th info


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Sunbury, OH
I have had the Yardage Pro for Bushnell for years. It has been abused and still keeps on ticking. I get a read out on a decently reflective target out to 350 pretty easy. After that it starts getting tough.



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NW Ohio
Ryan- I just got either the 450 or 550 from Bushnell and I like it. Pretty compact and seems to do well out to at least 160-170ds. This is the farthest I have tried it so far. I will look through my records. I either got it at Natchez or Optics Planet for around $150.