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  1. E

    Erie Report 4-28

    A big thanks goes out to Indiana Angler member, shovelholdsdirt (Tony) and his crew for all their hard work today. We left the dock at 5:30 this morning under cloudy skies and light winds, but it didn't take long for the rain to set in and the wind to pick up. We started fishing in 12 fow and...
  2. E

    Erie Perch/Walleye Report 9-1

    We had an awesome day of fishing today. Due to a family emergency, four of my guys couldn't make it so it was just Randy (maul35) and myself. I headed ne of B can where I had some perch icons from a couple of weeks ago. We had a slow pick at first but the ite got better after about 30 min. We...
  3. E

    Perch/walleye report

    Fishing has been great the past week in the western basin. Thursday, we had a 3 man perch limit by 12:00. Saturday we had around 50 perch and 35 walleye. Yesterday we only fished until noon but were able to boat 40 perch and 11 eyes. We have been fishing ne of niagra. I still have some open...
  4. E

    Perch report 8-19 and 8-20

    The perch were really biting the past two days. Yesterday, my group never showed up so i took family out perching near B can. The bite was a little slow at first but it was up and down towards the end. We could only fish until 11:00, but was able to put 133 in the box. Most of the fish we kept...
  5. E

    Monday 8-6 trolling report

    We started off trolling Monday morning ne of west sister to find lots of floating grass The farther north we went, the worse it got. We were constantly yanking rods checking for grass. We had a slooooow pick going with a fish here and there most of the morning. Once the lake layed down around...
  6. E

    Saturday trolling report

    The lake was pretty mad this morning so we decided to wait a few hours hoping she would settle down and it turned out to be a good move. I watched around 10 charters come back in from their morning trips and most only had 3-4 fish. We left the dock around 2 and were treated with solid 3 footers...
  7. E

    Weekend Walleye Report

    Walleye fishing is still very good in the western basin. Saturday, we started off casting north of b can and only pulled a couple of keepers after about an hour. The decision was made to start trolling, so I set the dipseys and started getting the boards in the water and both dipseys went off...
  8. E

    Erie Report June 21-24

    Walleye fishing is still very good with limit to near limit catches coming in daily. Late last week, I found some active fish in close near crane creek in 18-19 fow. Fish were caught trolling spoons, j-7's, and harnesses. There were some really nice fish in the area with the biggest going 28.5"...
  9. E

    Erie Report 6-15

    Fishing was very good for Steve Floyd and family on the walk on trip this morning. We started out casting but only managed one eye after an hour. Once we threw the boards in the water, it was on and we were heading in at 1:30. We ended the day with 32 eyes (could have limited but the crew was...
  10. E

    Erie Report June 12,13

    We started trolling yesterday and had a slow pick all day and managed to pull 23 eyes before heading in. Today, the lake was pretty bumpy in the morning so we waited until it started laying down around 11:30. The bite was on as soon as we started setting lines and we had a 6 man limit by 4:30...
  11. huntn2

    Ohio Turkey Hunting Report

    Lets use this thread to post reports on how your hunts go. Good luck to all the youth hunters going out tomorrow! I hope to see pictures of some successful hunts.
  12. Huckleberry Finn

    Harvest Report

    I've heard that beans are starting to come off around north Central Ohio (Morrow, Richland, Knox) How's the corn lookin Sam? Is this going to be a long harvest? Might be useful for those traveling across the state...chime in and we'll be able to keep up...
  13. bowhunter1023

    Summer Velvet Progress Report

    I know we are all starting to see some deer that we'll be able to keep track of for the rest of the summer, so I figured it might be a good idea to have a place to keep track of sightings and such that might not have pics or vids to go along with them... We did a little back roading last...
  14. jagermeister

    Alum Creek Report - 5/21/11

    Got into the crappies a little bit better this past weekend down at Alum. We only brought home about 30, but between three of us fishing we caught well over 100 fish. We put in at the park ramp, just north of Cheshire Rd, and focused our efforts in the feeder channels along the east and west...
  15. jagermeister

    Alum Creek Report - May 14, 2011

    My dad and I met up at Alum Creek over the weekend for a crack at some slab crappies. I've only been down there once before, about two years ago, and it was a riot. My dad sold the 24' Ebbtide last summer and bought himself a new 16.5' Smokercraft, so he was pretty fired up to trailer it down...
  16. Ohiosam

    Flintlock range report.

    Went to the range on Friday and shot my new flintlock for the first time. A friend that shoots them a lot took me to show me the ropes. It's a .54 caliber that my wife got me for Christmas. I began by putting a little priming charge in the pan and "shooting" that off to get the hang of...