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Alum Creek Report - 5/21/11


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Got into the crappies a little bit better this past weekend down at Alum. We only brought home about 30, but between three of us fishing we caught well over 100 fish. We put in at the park ramp, just north of Cheshire Rd, and focused our efforts in the feeder channels along the east and west sides of the lakes. Once we did find a hot brush pile, it was STACKED with crappie. A good tree would give up between 20 and 40 fish before we pulled off of it. Most of the water we got them in was 3-7 ft deep, real tight to the bank and in the woody cover. Fished crappie minnows under slip bobbers, set anywhere from 18" to 4' deep, depending on the particular spot. Of course we didn't exactly kill 'em, but it was a great day to be on the water and we had a blast. I'll try to post up a few pictures later on if I get a chance.