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  1. Big_Holla

    Which Drop-Away Rest??

    I will be picking up my new bow in the next few weeks and wanted to get all of TOO's opinions on what rest I should be looking at. I have used QAD Ultra Rest in the past and have really liked how it performs but let's hear what you all have to say.... :smiley_cigar:
  2. L

    FOR SALE Two sights and a drop away rest

    I have two different new fiber optic sights for a compound bow and also a used NAP quick tune drop away rest for sell or trade. The first sight is a Impact Archery NI104, this is a three pin sight but the red fiber is broke making it a two pin sight. The other sight is a Impact Archery NI151 and...
  3. swamp_donkey2012

    DEAL whisker biskit rest for trade

    looking to trade my whisker biskit rest for a drop away rest if anyone is interested, its a carolina archery one, still in new condition
  4. CJD3

    Winchester Sharp Shooter Rifle rest

    I purchased the "Winchester Sharp Shooter Rifle Rest" at Wallyworld for $28.97 yesterday. I know I could have made one like I did my shooting bench but thats besides the point today. The product came as most things today. "Some assembly required" The directions are pretty much just a...
  5. jagermeister

    Limb Driver rest modification (pics)

    Milo and I had been discussing the Limb Driver cord attachment over the past couple weeks, and what has resulted on my Strother Infinity is a sweet little limb-driven setup. The standard way to attach the activation cord to the Limb Driver arm is to run the cord through the hole in the arm...
  6. matt hougan

    Rest in Peace, but senseless

    http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/8860231-418/hunter-dies-after-scuffle-with-deer-he-shot.html Never approach a deer that is still alive. A few years ago my boss shot a 170 down in Indian Hill. 5 hours later we track the deer still alive. He rushed to grab the deer. I horse collared him and...
  7. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Hind Sight and Octane Hostage Pro rest

    Cleaning out some things I will never use again. First is the Hindsight. Bought it. Loved the concept. Found out I am right handed and left eye dominant. Can't shoot both eyes open unless I switch to left handed bow. Paid close to $50 with shipping. $30 to your door. Second is my...
  8. swamp_donkey819

    sight problems or rest problems

    so im shooting my bow today and at 20 yards its hitting high my sights bracket is all the way up and the top pin is all they way up and it his about an inch or so high at 35 yards it hits dead on but can barely even see my pin. i dropped the rest down and it helped a lil but not very much. so im...
  9. swamp_donkey819

    WTB arrow rest

    looking for a cheap arrow rest maybe a cheap used drop away rest anyone got one for sale
  10. S

    Rest / Bibs

    I have two things, Anyone not use a drop away rest. I am thinking of going to a capture style rest, the NAP 360 to be exact, The KISS theory keeps flashing through my head, I use a G5 expert II now.I like the rest but just trying to remove one more possible thing that can go wrong. but I'm...