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sight problems or rest problems


Junior Member
so im shooting my bow today and at 20 yards its hitting high my sights bracket is all the way up and the top pin is all they way up and it his about an inch or so high at 35 yards it hits dead on but can barely even see my pin. i dropped the rest down and it helped a lil but not very much. so im wondering if this is the sights im using or the rest, or possibly even the release loop? any input


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Southeast Ohio
First off, don't mess with your rest unless it is off, you're only going to make things worse my messing with it. Second, are you using a peep? If so, you can move it up or down some to make an adjustment for your sight.


Junior Member
the rest was actually sittin higher then the nock point so i evened it out and thats what brough it down a lil bit. and yes it has a peep sight. new one that was just re serviced in. the sight is mounted in the holes that makes it farthest away from the bow, has another hole set to bring it closer


Junior Member
i moved the peep sight down a lil bit and it worked a lil better, i cant move it anymore because of the service strings are tied tight, but first pin is still like 30 yards i mean the bows ibo is 315 but everyone i know with newer mathews and hoyt are using20,30,40 set up and my bow is a 2001, it cant be shooting that fast can it?