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  1. Big H

    Ground Hog Max - Review

    I have been wanting a way to till up some plots that are a P.I.T.A. to get typical equipment into, and my buddy and I decided to try out the Ground Hog Max after looking at a bunch of reviews and testimonials online. I installed it on a Honda FourTrax 300 last night and took it in the backyard...
  2. bowhunter1023

    SpyPoint IR-7 Review

    Thanks to a well timed rain last night, I was able to get out and check a couple of my new SpyPoint IR-7s and let me tell you, these things are awesome!!! I've been running four of the SpyPoint IR-6s for close to a year now and I have been very pleased with the results I have been getting from...
  3. Jackalope

    Do a Product Review & Recieve Extra PM limits.

    .. Quoted from the announcement listed below.. Announcement http://www.theohiooutdoors.com/announcement.php?f=39&a=10
  4. RedCloud

    SpyPoint IR-6 Review

    I wanted to try out a new line of trail cams for this season so I went with 2- SpyPoint IR 6 cams. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at the ability of these cams. I was able to get these cams in my hands at the end of June 2010 and had them in the field and ready to go starting the month...
  5. Huckleberry Finn

    Gear Review

    Hey Jose, Can we get a GearReview_ for posts? Or a certain place to put 'em? I'm gonna write one up and put it in the general section...so feel free to move it/change it/ etc if you feel like this is necessary Thanks man...
  6. bowhunter1023

    Week in review: 8/28 through 9/5

    Nothing exciting this week other than a lack in Captain Jack sightings. Largely a disappointing week other than seeing the young fox running around the farm has managed to allude the coyotes so far. Then there is the same old same old from Moe... This is a great look at his body. It's...
  7. bowhunter1023

    Week in Review: 8/20 to 8/27

    After a couple worthless weeks on the cams, it felt good to check them yesterday and see that things are picking up. I made several moves last weekend and I was pretty pleased with the out come across the board. The only major disappointment was not getting pics of the buck that was leaving some...
  8. bowhunter1023

    Week in Review: July 31 - August 7

    Not the best week I have had and I'm a little pissed about it. I had a coon run up the tree and turn the BEC on Hippie Ridge early in the week, so it cost me some awesome shots of Captain Jack and Moe together. The picture count was down 50% this week and one cam I was expecting good things...
  9. bowhunter1023

    Week in Review: July 24th through July 31st...

    This was the first check of all 7 cams for me and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the performance of the SpyPoints so far. Although the cams were void of anything special, I was happy to see the trigger speed and the sensitivity of the SpyPoints were very competitive with other cams I have...
  10. Jackalope

    Review Team Outlaw Game Calls Box Call

    I pulled in my driveway Monday night and saw a package placed in front of my door. I read the label on the top “Team Outlaw Outdoors” and knew it was the turkey call you guys helped me win on their FaceBook contest. Man! That was fast. I just gave them my address last Thursday. As I opened the...
  11. R

    Review of CPAC

    I had the opportunity to attend CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) over the past few days in DC. I had a great time being in Washington with friends, but the conference itself sucked. It lacked the true energy and speakers from last year and was bombarded by libertarian filth...