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Week in Review: July 31 - August 7


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Not the best week I have had and I'm a little pissed about it. I had a coon run up the tree and turn the BEC on Hippie Ridge early in the week, so it cost me some awesome shots of Captain Jack and Moe together. The picture count was down 50% this week and one cam I was expecting good things from, turned up a big goose egg on the picture count. But all was not lost, I did get some decent shots and the scouting I did today could make the next camera check the best yet. I'll not reveal any details, but the next time I go check cams, I'm hoping its epic!!!

I'm not sure what the issue was on Hippie Ridge this week, but all the deer were jumpy while feeding at the corn. I've not seen them be that edgy this summer, so it makes me wonder what was up. Moe was coming in daily before this week, then he barely managed 4 trips in this week. (He and Captain Jack did spend nearly five hours in the area of the camera Friday night, so they were still comfortable there to some degree.) I wonder if this asshole has anything to do with the issues this week...

He wasn't the only predator on the move this week. This young fox wondered right into a coon feeding on leftover corn, giving me my first pics of a fox since January of 2008...

In the thousands of pictures with does in fawns in them I've taken over the years, this was a first for me...

The good thing about those fawns hanging around, they have a tendency to tell on their older cousins...



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Moe and Captain Jack had only been seen a couple times together before this week. I'm not sure what changed, but it was like they were attached at the hip this week. On a side note, if I find the coon that turned this cam, I'm gonna stick a Slick Trick in his hide for screwing me out of some great pics this week!!!

This one would have been perfect!!! :smiley_boos:

You can tell in this picture they are on edge. Every deer that was edgy this week, was looking that direction and any time a deer spooked, they went away from the direction they are looking. Something was up over there this week...

"You watch that way and I'll cover the back door..."

I moved this SpyPoint to a tree located right along the logging road leading to the beans. He didn't come through here as much as I expected, but he still stopped in for a candid shot...



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Hudson, OH
Looks good Jesse. Always cool to see the diverse wildlife population running around too...not necessarily good for deer, but fun non the less.


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Ina Duck Blind
Sweet! The biggest thing is you know hes still there. Sounds like you need to rig something up to keep them damn coons off your cameras!


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NW Ohio
Enjoying the updates Jesse. The guys are right, he is still in there and that is more important than another 500pics of him.