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Week in Review: July 24th through July 31st...


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This was the first check of all 7 cams for me and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the performance of the SpyPoints so far. Although the cams were void of anything special, I was happy to see the trigger speed and the sensitivity of the SpyPoints were very competitive with other cams I have ran in the past. And of course, the old reliable BEC's did their thing once again. I use my BEC's as inventory cams and it's amazing to see the cam on Hippie Ridge take over 7,000 pictures in 3 weeks on 30% of the battery. I feel using my 3 BEC's to take inventory over my feed sites and running the 4 SpyPoints as my scouting cameras will be a tactic that will do me well in the future. Here is a little sample of what I captured this week...

I love the clarity on this pic and the fact that it shows me the does are where I thought they would be!!!

Both of these pictures were triggered from over 50 yards away. There is a good buck in the second pic at nearly 70 yards. It took some work to clean up the pics, but he's there...

When I arrived to check the cam Sunday, I noticed it was turned roughly 90 degrees. Since it looked like a bomb went off where the corn was, I figured someone ran a coon up the tree. Nope. It was my stud 1.5 year old deciding to trick me!!!

"Hey y'all. Watch this!!!"

"How you like that fool?!?"

Old Captain was back for his once a week trip. This time he was rolling with Moe...

And of course, you my boy was back for over 650 pictures throughout the week. These were my 3 favorites...



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Feel free to take some stabs and tell me how far off you guys think I am with this, but his clean side is that of a 150" 10 if you consider the length of that brow. So let's say his clean side is a 72.5" side to error on the low side. He's got all that on the junk side minus a G4, but he has a solid 15" of junk and additonal mass, main beam length, and brow tine length. I'm grossing him out around the 155-160 mark with a net that could matter less to me. Thoughts?!?


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Looking damn good dude. Looks like Moe is a 16pt if I counted right lol.

Love the curiousity of the young buck lol. Name him Joker haha.

Capt. Jack will be a hog next year.


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NW Ohio Tundra
All you need to do is figure out where that little coon is going to be and it looks like Moe will be tagging along behind him....

He obviously won't net well, but you are about right on your scoring estimate.


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No guesses on score, but glad to see he is hanging around. Thanks for the initial review on the Spypoints. I look forward to getting my 4 Bushnell cams back and running again, and putting the 4 Spypoint cameras out I purchased as well. I have one buck to keep an eye on with good trail camera photos, the rest have been avoiding me. I have seen them from the road though with binoculars. They are there, just camera shy.


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I think opening week you got a good shot at Moe and his coon buddy! I would have to say he will gross low 60's to high 50's easy, like others have said.... to hell with nets were hunting not fishing. Ole captain is gonna be a stud also, if you look real close in that pic it looks like a does head is right between his brows! Getting that many pics of a target buck like him has to get the blood pumping.

Is Moe anywhere near a field where you could sit back and get summer footage of him or does he live deep in the timber?