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  1. Ohiosam

    Auction score

    Went to an estate auction today in Aurora. I'd seen some guns in the sale bill but nothing that interested me as described, was more interested in some other things listed. Anyways one of the guns was a left handed Charles Daly .50 cal Hawkens. It was the second item in the auction and I...
  2. A

    score or maturity

    Does anyone else struggle with this when deciding to kill a buck? I have a few unique bucks I could kill that I think are mature, but wouldnt score worth a shit. I have a few opportunities on farms I hunt to kill a GOOD buck (140+). On my own land, I do not have this option as of yet at...
  3. Ohiosam

    Auction score

    Not a question but it seems like the best place to put this story. Friday evening I was scanning the auctions in the Farm and Dairy newspaper and saw Kiko's were auctioning off everything for BTM Sporting Clays in Carrollton. There were a few things in the sale bill that interested me and I'm...
  4. L

    Guess the score

    O.k guys what are your guesses for score of this deer? I know the correct number and will post it after most guesses are in. I really do not get caught up on the score of a deer as a shooter buck is a shooter buck to me all the same, but I just so happen to know the exact score of this big...
  5. Tree Monkey

    Guess the score???

    Guess this deers score...... I will post th deers score in a couple days......the winner gets a date with Joe !
  6. Boone


    I don't know about you, but I can't wait until bow season starts. Anybody want to pass some time by posting some views of a buck they have on camera and having whoever wants to guess age and score (net and gross)? I know some of you are pretty good at this already, but it might help some...
  7. U

    score baby score

    well last year i got permission for a good property , through that person i scored a better property , i have been doing odd jobs for a guy all summer for free , and its paying off , he gave me permission to hunt his 300 acres this year , he strictly manages this property for big bucks and has...
  8. jagermeister

    Spike Harrow.... SCORE!

    So yesterday I was driving down the road, in between inspections, and noticed an old farmhouse with a bunch of old shit in the front yard with for sale signs on it. As I get closer, I notice an old spike harrow laying there. My eyes got real big and I immediately turned around and went back...
  9. cotty16

    2010 Deer Offcial Score

    I went this evening to get an official score on my bow kill. The taxi had figured it around 151, man was he close... My buck ended up grossing 146 6/8 and netting 132 4/8. It's not Ohio Big Buck, but it's not a big deal. I'd shoot that deer 100 more times. In fact, in my mind I've shot it...
  10. Schu72

    BBBC Score Result

    What do you think the gross and net scores were?
  11. Diablo54

    Help me score

    What does this buck score? I have asked several people and no one seems to get the same score as me.:smiley_bril: I call him the crab claw buck for obvious reasons
  12. Thunderflight

    Guess the score.

    My buddy scored his Maryland buck. Take a guess on the green score.
  13. Thunderflight

    Score this one

    A friend from Maryland shot this buck on Christmas eve. Whatta think it'll score? I'm guessing high 150's to mid 160's.