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  1. M

    Public Service Annoucement

    Not sure if this belongs in jokes of a more serious forum. But here goes. Public Service Announcement. Effective Immediately. The term "Nigger Rigged" is absolutely no longer acceptable. You will now refer to it as a "Presidential Solution" Thank You.
  2. Jackalope

    Browning Socks Customer Service.

    . Recently had a great experience with Browning customer service about a pair of socks. Thought I would share it with y'all. In today's world exceptional customer service is lacking and companies such as these deserve recognition. Especially for products made in the USA. Below are the...
  3. Kaiser878

    Moultrie customer service!!!!!

    4 Stars!!!!!! I would have given them 5 stars, but they argued about a receipt...... I had a M80 start giving me fits 2 weeks ago...It would take photos and save them as long as it wasnt in sleep mode. Once it went into sleep mode it would take a picture but it wouldnt save the photo...
  4. jagermeister

    Vaportrail Archery - Customer Service

    I don't know how many of you guys here have used or currently use any Vaportrail Archery products, but if not I would highly recommend them. Limbdriver arrow rests, string dampeners, custom strings, etc. I'm a big fan of their products. Recently I had a couple minor issues... One was an...
  5. Mike

    GI Joe Public Service Announcements

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ-ckU_D1fg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO8lHGXWMzo&feature=relmfu
  6. JD Boyd

    WWII Memorial Vets Service "Eternal Peace"

  7. CJD3

    Thompson Customer Service

    Well. Calling Thompson Center Arms/Smith Wesson turned into a chunk of time this morning. Although scoped currently, my Omega purchased in 2006 has been a great gun. Last night I took a walk into the woods with it in the last hour of shooting light. While looking at it while on stand I noticed...
  8. hickslawns

    Truglo Sight: Defective Customer Service contacted

    Just posting this in an effort to make anyone else aware of potential issues. I just now contacted Truglo about my issue. Honestly not sure what their warranty is. Hopefully they take care of it. If not? I don't know. I will keep you posted on how well their customer service department...
  9. rgecko23

    Elite Customer Service

    I wanted to share the awesome experience I had with Elite yesterday and today. I have a cam issue that has apparently took some FPS off of my bow and kicking my arrows left. I was shooting a little bit before hitting the stand sunday afternoon and couldn't figure out why my shots were getting...
  10. Hoytmania

    Limbsaver Customer service

    I have recently had an issue with the limb silencers that came on my bow. They are the original ones and are the AlphaShox model that come on Hoyt bows. There was an area on both the top and bottom of both Limbsavers that seemed to be melting. The area was super sticky and if you happened to...
  11. bowhunter1023

    GamePlan Gear Customer Service

    I have been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now, but have been busy getting ready for the season and enjoying the first week. As most of you know, I am a stickler for quality customer service. The quickest way to lose me as a customer is to half-ass your service and the easiest way to...
  12. Diablo54

    Berkley Customer service

    I have been having troubles with Berkley rods and thought I would send an email and see the response I get from them. I't was just sent so no response yet but we will see.:smiley_chinrub: To whom it may concern, Last spring I purchased a Berkley amp rod from cabelas. I fished with it all...
  13. aholdren

    Primos customer service

    I purchased a Primos Vision blind back in March and got to use it twice before the corner zipper failed. The first hunt I struggled to get it zipped and the second hunt it failed so when I got home I called Primos customer service and spoke with Renee Carter, and let me just say that she was...
  14. Matt

    Services The TOO Delivery Service

    Hey everyone, figured I would put this out there. On occaision I make my way to different parts of the state, as I am sure most of you do as well. I figured I would make a thread where people could post that if they have something that needs delivered to another member in another part of the...