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Services The TOO Delivery Service


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Norton, OH
Hey everyone, figured I would put this out there. On occaision I make my way to different parts of the state, as I am sure most of you do as well. I figured I would make a thread where people could post that if they have something that needs delivered to another member in another part of the state, if anyone is headed that direction they could deliver said item. I figured it could be just one other perk we could add for us members. ;) For example, at one point Geezer needed to get some duck decoys to Milo. I live near Geezer and was headed to Jesse's for a weekend hunt. Milo also happens to have some property a few minutes from Jesse's. So, I picked the dekes up at Geezer's, and took them with me to Jesse's. (Granted, Jesse and Milo have still not made their end of the transaction over 2 years later, but you get the picture!) lol lol

Yo Joe, Sticky!!!! :smiley_clap:
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I think it's called the TransOhio Hillbilly Express...

Likewise, I will be heading down to Jesse's for ML season so anything from this part of the state (north central) that needs to go down there...let me know - or vise versa except I am going to have a buck in the back of my truck...


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The hot tub for sale has my wheels turning on this one.. Could you pick the hot tub up for.... Oh, anyone other than me... Then bring it to my house. And I will deliver said hot tub...... eventually lol