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Berkley Customer service


Senior Member
I have been having troubles with Berkley rods and thought I would send an email and see the response I get from them. I't was just sent so no response yet but we will see.:smiley_chinrub:

To whom it may concern,
Last spring I purchased a Berkley amp rod from cabelas. I fished with it all summer and loved the extreme sensitivity the rod gave. Fast forward to this spring. I was fishing at a local lake when I felt the great Tap Tap Run I reeled up the slack and set the hook only to feel a crack and watch my Quantum reel flip into the water off of the side of the boat. I hand reeled the fish in and struggled to get my reel back out of the water but finnaly managed to do so. A few weeks later my father informed me that he was making a trip up to cabelas in the morning and wanted to know if I needed anything. I told him to pick me up another AMP rod. The next outing with the new rod was at a pond, I flipped my craw under the dock and tap tap hookset......Broken reel seat again exact same place as the last rod. I do not have the reciept as my Father didnt keep it although I do have the rod. I would like to know if anything could be done.
Thanks for your time,
Taylor Bolin


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North Carolina
Good luck.... never had any dealings with them.... have usednl their products over the years and always had good luck with their stuff.... it'll be interesting to hear their response....