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  1. Boarhead

    Big Shed

    Found this one last week.Scored 96 inches.Hope to find the other side but no luck yet.I saw him during season and he was a 6x6 around 18 or 19 inches wide.Had alot of mass.
  2. F

    1st shed - Logan county

    First time shed hunter and we found the shed from the buck my son missed back in October 25 yards from our ground blind. Measured one side with a raw score of 70" and it had a nice spread maybe guessing 20" so....there's a pretty nice buck out there still
  3. Alphamax10

    Ryan and I popped our shed cherries

    Well boys, we had been out multiple times and every time we have come up empty handed but today we hit the jackpot for us! We found a total of four different sheds. On a side note I thought my dog's first time out for a real run he did amazing. Even though I saw the antler first I told him to...
  4. themedic

    Good last 2 days!

    I'v got a 4 room re-model going on and shed hunting outtings have been few and far between. But the last two days I've slipped out and had some success. Whats cool and a little inside story to these sheds. A hunter I had in this fall, passed this 8 point on the 2nd to last day of his hunt. I was...
  5. themedic

    Shed hunting and arrow head hunting on the radio

    Couldnt find a fitting place for this topic so I thought I would try in the Shed Forum. I'm doing a interview with Dan Armitage of Buckeye Sportsman.net radio Saturday morning 6-7am and talking about shed and arrowhead hunting. Since I plan to talk about it, I thought I would share some of my...
  6. Alphamax10

    Shed training

    Hey guys looking for a HUGE favor from anyone willing. I am getting a chocolate lab in a couple weeks and really plan on training him to be a shed hunting dog. My only thing that is holding me back is the sheds themselves. Is anyone willing to donate to me some of the sheds they don't want, use...
  7. arjay

    $150 shed found

    What are the odds
  8. Schu72

    My Most Unique Shed Ever

    I’m not an accomplished shed hunter by any means, so they area all somewhat trophies to me, but I’m exceptionally proud of this one. Not very big, but very unique. I would have loved to see this guy carrying this mess around. This shed was over a year old and chewed up pretty...
  9. Buckslayer

    In case you missed it....HUGE SHED

    Not found by my sister, her friends grandpa found it years back...but still impressive.
  10. finelyshedded

    JD Where are youz shed pics?

    You find any sheds yet? LMAO You prolly have a few to share I'd reckon. Prolly to embarrassed to share because their so little......rotflmao
  11. Mountaineer

    Shed Finds 3/4/2012

    My Buddy and I went shed hunting today. We found 9 sheds total and 3 scoring over 63''s. One shed had a 28" main beam.
  12. Buckslayer

    Buckslayer's Shed Thread

    Hopefully I can add more to this throughout the spring..Here is what I have so far..
  13. Diablo54

    Diablo 2012 shed thread

    I guess i'll start one even though there might not be much on it. Found this one on saturday while beaver trapping.
  14. Trueroots

    Shed Hunting....aint no joke!

    I believe there is a definite art to shed hunting. I have gone numerous times over the past four years and have yet to find a shed. Myself and Thoesus went last week at our property and managed to find four dead doe and a basket 8(skull attached is never a good find). We walked for hours...
  15. hickslawns

    2012 Hickslawns Shed Thread

    Feb 20-2012 Took my nephew Geoffrey out tonight. We were out a little over an hour. Estimated walk of 2 miles or so. Pulled a camera that has been giving me pink pictures all fall. Going to send it back in for repair. Had a few bucks on there, but all deer seemed to be carrying still...
  16. jagermeister

    Shed hunting section?

    Just curious here... Why is it in the Trail Camera section?
  17. jagermeister

    My first shed ever... And it's a dandy!

    I decided to do a little shed hunting after work today, mostly because I just wanted an excuse to walk through the woods and see what was up. I had planned on walking the swamp through the center of the property like usual, but at the last minute I changed my mind and headed up into the timber...
  18. M


    not a personal find but local
  19. Huckleberry Finn

    Shed Thread 2012

    It's a little early to be picking too much bone up, but it's right around the corner. I started early this year though!
  20. 1

    Shed out bucks.

    Got pics of 2 bucks last night. One has shed one side the other has shed them both. Will post pics later.