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  1. Monster Raxx

    COOLEST Hero Shot I Have Seen!

    This is the coolest Hero Shot I have ever seen. This is my good friend Jim Irvin from Carbon Synergy. He has been using our bear attractants all season in WI. He has been hunting black bears from the ground in a ghillie suit the last couple of years. This bear was a close as 3 yards from him at...
  2. C

    FOR SALE Hot shot release FS

    90 bucks shipped
  3. C

    Trophy shot training.

    Been shooting a few ground hogs round the house with the ol 22. Is it too early to start my son training for trophy shots. I don't wanna burn him out by starting him too early. He is gonna be 3 in August.
  4. Bowhunter57

    Turkey Shot Placement Video

    I found this on You Tube and thought it would be a good one to share with everyone else that might be bowhunting turkeys this year...or any time in the future. :smiley_bril: I'm still thinking about purchasing another tag and going back out with my bow, but it'll have to wait until the all day...
  5. Bowhunter57

    Coyote Shot Patterns

    I patterned some coyote ammo, today and was pleasantly surprised. Dead Coyote Ts: 44 pellets @ 50 yards. Pattern 24" wide & 21" tall. 8" above center...or 8" above the target dot. 42 pellets @ 40 yards. Pattern 24" wide & 21" tall. 10" above center. Remington HD in BBs: 64 pellets...
  6. CJD3

    Shot gun!

  7. Ohiosam

    A single shot kind of day.

    I guess it's no secret by now I'm a gun nut. Now I like all kinds of guns but I do have my favorites kinds. At the top of my list are single shot rifles and side by side shotguns. Tomorrow I'm taking one of my SxS shotguns to shoot sporting clays at a new course that just opened. Just so the...
  8. deerjunkie

    Kill shot

    I know you guys are a bunch of killers and like me love to watch stuff get shot so here ya go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfzcLysHkQ
  9. ohio mossy oak

    I bet you have never shot a bunny like this before!!!

  10. arjay

    2010 shot gun booner

    gross 196 7/8 B&C score of 186 4/8 just got it official scored a couple weeks ago.
  11. "J"

    A good shot placement

    Okay, was conversing with a couple of my Son's buddies last night via texting... One of the guy's hit a good buck and they were searching for it and asking questions since they were at their witts end not finding any blood once it got out into a been/alfalpha field.... I told them too grid...
  12. jagermeister

    Trespassers will be shot on site

    Unfortunately for this old guy, he didn't get the memo that my food plot is a Woodchuck-Free Zone. One down, two more to go. He didn't feel a thing...
  13. Mike

    My son shot the crossbow

    He's 10 and he wanted to try it, so we went out early this am and shot some arrows. He was particularly proud of this shot (20 yards). He's pretty damn good for a first timer! We'll keep practicing and then we'll see about getting him an apprentice license for this year. I'm freaking excited for...
  14. Rutin

    FOR SALE Hot Shot Infinity Release

    Ive got a hot shot infinity buckle release that I bout 3 months ago for sale. I bought a carter choc addiction thumb release and found myself shooting it more ofter. This is by far the smoothest trigger release ive ever shot. I will let it go for $45 tyd paypal only.
  15. ohio mossy oak

    CS THREAD....Hot Shot manufacturing

    As some of you may know I won a very nice Hot Shot 3 finger Tempest from the company about a month ago or so...Well my dumbass stripped the head on one of the screws.I contacted them via facebook the owner told me to message him my address an he would ship me out one..Well i got the package...
  16. Huckleberry Finn

    FOR SALE H&R Single Shot 20

    Selling a single shot 20 ga, don't have a picture at the moment. Cash only, pm me if interested.
  17. T

    Top Shot

    Check out Top Shot on the History Channel / on now Compound archery competition tonight.
  18. Gern186

    The G Shot

    Make sure you watch it all the way to the end and have your sound turned up!! http://www.abc26.com/news/local/wgno-beauty-breakthroughs-g-shot,0,2355202.story