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The G Shot


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"Ready for some serious Penis" lmao..

Anyway, the problem with a woman's orgasm is 99.999% mental.. Why? Don't ask me.. They never quit thinking, scheming, plotting, etc.. And can't shut it off during sex.. Basically they're not paying attention. A womans orgasm is not physically automatic like a mans, but more mentally triggered. If something is wrong with you, her life, her surroundings or stress level, she isn't going to see fireworks.


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NW Ohio
The problem with paying to have this procedure done lies in the fact if she is such a dead fish/uptight/short penis boyfriended girl, she just wasted her money. It takes more than a shot to make it happen. Plus it doesn't hurt if you make sure their toes are curling before you give them your best shot! wink wink! Tell that uptight little chick she is going to be upset when she realizes the problem isn't with her anatomy.