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  1. Monster Raxx

    You Son Of A *****!!!

    I hope to catch this guy messing with my cameras. He wont think the outcome is very funny then. This %^&*%$# tresspasser turned my trail camera upside down and I also had another card pulled out of my camera. I am glad he didnt steal any but I have some plans for him. This is the best pic I have...
  2. Monster Raxx

    Son of a *****!!!

    With the snow melting quickly the last couple of days I decided I better go check on my DLC Covert Red40 that I had at the river. When I got there it had fell over with the snow melt and was laying down completly under water. Here are some of the pics. In some of the pics you can see Eagles in...
  3. Monster Raxx

    Son of a *****!

    So I go to "Death Row" TOO carry in water for the tub I burried and freshen the Monster Raxx and check on how the food plot is coming since it only rained one time since I spread the seed. As I am getting near the woods I see the farmer extended the electric fence. This piece of the property has...
  4. Ohiosam

    Son of a....

    Woman sells a 3 year old chicken nugget that looks like the first president for $8100. Just last week I flushed a turd that bore a stricking resemblance to the current president. Wonder what I coulda got for it on eBay...
  5. Mike

    My son shot the crossbow

    He's 10 and he wanted to try it, so we went out early this am and shot some arrows. He was particularly proud of this shot (20 yards). He's pretty damn good for a first timer! We'll keep practicing and then we'll see about getting him an apprentice license for this year. I'm freaking excited for...
  6. Jackalope

    Dayyyyyyyymnnnnnnnnnnn son!

    A republican just beat a democrat in a district where dems outnumber republicans 30 to 1 ! New york replaced Anthony weiners dem held seat since 1920 with a republican... If that's not a referendum on obamas job then I don't know what is.
  7. Jackalope

    Son, DAMN!

    . This dude just RIPPED up a Ukelele! :smiley_clap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XzesuxeFQM&playnext=1&list=PLFF8619FEE6AADC4C
  8. Ohiosam

    My son need some advise

    He and his girlfriend are trying to decide which show to see. Can you guys help?
  9. Tree Monkey

    son of a gun!!!!

    This morning was great...,had three does coming from.behind me and at a range of ten yards...until one looks up... we have a stare down for about ten mind they continue by me but at thirty yards......big doebstopsbat 30 yards slightly quartering away...,and release.the.arrow and hotta she just...