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son of a gun!!!!

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
This morning was great...,had three does coming from.behind me and at a range of ten yards...until one looks up... we have a stare down for about ten mind they continue by me but at thirty yards......big doebstopsbat 30 yards slightly quartering away...,and release.the.arrow and hotta she just jumps and walks ten yards and looks around and I happen to look back behind me and two little bucks andba decent 8 are comming so I notch another arrow but they see the does nervous and it puts the bucks on alert and they veer off the path and work to about fifty yrds and i just did like the distance and passed on the buck....after they walked away i got down to get my arrow and lots of hair!!!...I guess i m giving free hair cuts to those that need one....ask the doe how she likes her new do!


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Gods Country
That's a good attitude. You will go far in life thinking that way TM. Positive Mental Attitude!!!!! Makes a bad day start looking better all the time.:smiley_crocodile: