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  1. Q

    This will be my first year hunting. Any suggestions?

    This is my first year hunting. i will be bow hunting and want to get one maybe two deer this year. Does anyone have any general suggestions for a first time hunter? Also im in the Montgomery county / warren county area. Are there any suggestions to where i could hunt? i know Ceasars creek has...
  2. blemas

    Time to replace one of my cameras, need suggestions

    One of my original Trophy Cams just took a dump on me and need to get a replacement out in the field ASAP. I know that Spypoint is a sponsor and would be happy to direct some business their way but what other suggestions do ya'll have? I really liked the AA battery life from the Bushnell and...
  3. A

    Blind suggestions

    ttp://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/guide-gear-10-hunting-platform.aspx?a=826523 I have these towers on my farm on two plots. What blinds would you all suggest that I could put on this, that would allow me to be comfortable and be able to stand and shoot. Any suggestions will be very...
  4. A


    Here is the situation, My gf never hunted before, but is interested in sitting with me not sure she wants to kill yet. I do not want to pressure her into killing, but I would love if she hunted. My question is, do you think setting up a ground blind near/in a foodplot this coming weekend...
  5. CJD3

    Scope Suggestions

    :smiley_confused_vra Looking for scope suggestions for a RRA. I have never been much of a long range shooter so I am asking for help on an appropriate scope for my 5.56/223. I realize its not a "long range" gun as long range shooters go but it will reach out further than anything else I have...
  6. Curran

    WTB Suggestions on a Central Ohio Mechanic

    Anybody know a quality mechanic that can work on a '99 Toyota 4 Runner? We need some work done on the wife's vehicle - brakes, rotors and rear seals. Thanks.
  7. R

    Electric Razor Suggestions....

    Trying to help a friend (girl) out whose buying her dad an electric razor for Christmas. What brand do you use, and what's a fair price? [I have a Phillips Norelco basic model but got that as a Christmas gift from my dad a few years ago so I don't know anything] Thanks - a few quick...