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This will be my first year hunting. Any suggestions?

This is my first year hunting. i will be bow hunting and want to get one maybe two deer this year. Does anyone have any general suggestions for a first time hunter?

Also im in the Montgomery county / warren county area. Are there any suggestions to where i could hunt? i know Ceasars creek has public hunting but i haven't heard much good about it if anything at all.

I am excited to start hunting and i just want to make sure im not missing anything and know of some places i can hunt.


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My first suggestion would be to go out and enjoy nature and the hunt itself. Thinking you are going to go out and get a deer or two off public isn't realistic for a new hunter IMO. Only going to lead to disappointment.

Second would be to know your limits and the equipments limit. Buck fever is real and will make a good man make a bad decision.

Third would be to research the hell out of scent control.


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Welcome to the site. Lots of good info on here. I was in your same shoes a few years ago and am still soaking up as much as I can. Practice, practice, practice with your bow. I shoot daily. Try to find a local guy that doesn't mind giving you some pointers. It certainly reduces the learning curve. Fur scent control id recommend a bee smoker and wood chips. Like others have said enjoy yourself and the lessons you learn your first season.


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I assume you are hunting public, I would spend a day or two scouting now as you.re limited with season getting close.
Pay close attention to the small details, old rubs, trails,funnels, and escape routes, as for the seasoned hunter will most likely go deep. Look for old stand marks on trees,then you.ll know that;s possibly a decent spot.
Look for food sources, they will most likely be hunted by others-this is where escape routes comes into play.
Also look for hwy crossings where the deer cross from woodlot to another.
If you have time sit down the road a ways and watch these areas(you/ll really be suprised at what you will see.
BE PATIENT, don.t get discouraged, let things come to you and enjoy the outdoors.
I was exactly where you were at one point. Don't get discouraged and keep plugging away, you will learn more from your failures than anything else. Every time you go in the woods it's a learning opportunity so take advantage of it. And stick around here cuz there's volumes of wisdom to be gathered from the folks on here. Oh and they're some of the most genuinely nice people you'll meet. Don't be afraid to ask questions and welcome!


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First off, WELCOME TO TOO!!!

Lots of great advice already offered. Practice shooting with whatever weapon till your very proficient with it and know your limitations. Always hunt with wind in your favor if you can but still do whatever it takes in scent eliminatation on yourself,your clothes and equipment. As far as camo, I personally prefer larger more broken up patterns but all are pretty effective as long as you don't get caught moving or winded.

Also, just my opinion, public hunting near our part of the state is small and over crowded with less deer. Making several hunting trips to the WNF in the SE part of the state will offer you a more enjoyable experience with more chance of success.


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You still around Monkey? If you are, say something and these guys will keep talking.

The heat today has me moving slow with breaks, so my mind is thinking.

Do you have any hunting background at all?

Age? This isn't a big deal, but I'm not going to suggest a climber stand to a fella in his later years.

How about outdoors background? Walking through the woods in the dark ain't for many people.

Learning some "man laws" of hunting will help you on public lands as well.

I guess at this point, I'm sure we'd all just like to know a little more about you so we can help point you in the right direction. Most replies have been vague because of this. Not that we aren't assholes, cause we are. We just need some more info.