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  1. Ohiosam

    One of these things is not like the others...

    My #2 son is changing jobs so his coworkers had a going away party for him. Can you pick out Tim? And no he did not work at a call center in Mumbai:smiley_arrogant:
  2. Ohiosam

    Things are getting better.

    I got to a couple of gunshops this week. Selection of firearms is much better, prices too. I ordered some P-mags last week from Aim surplus for $12.95 and they came in a few days. Ammo is more available, prices are high, but you can get some if you need it.
  3. Gern186

    Stupid things I've heard on hunting shows

    Ok, with all the hunting shows on TV these days, there sure seems to be a lot of dumb or annoying things and comments that guys say or do in regards to hunting. For example...guy sitting in a treestand takes a shot at a deer and the arrow hits the deer far back.....the guy looks at the...
  4. CJD3

    Things you can say only on thanksgiving and get away with it!!

    Talk about a huge breast! Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. It's Cool Whip time! If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst! Whew, that's one terrific spread! I'm in the mood for a little dark meat. Are you ready for seconds yet? It's a little...
  5. Hoytmania

    Things I HATE!!!!!

    Today it is thieves. Went to check a cam I hung last week at a new setup and the fuggin thing was gone. Someone had come with bolt cutters and cut the 3/8" python cable and took my cam. Worthless pieces of crap. I hope I run into them sometime. I swear sir. He had antlers on his head...
  6. Curran

    This could make things interesting

    Read this in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, and haven't followed up with anybody at Alum for more details, but this could make launching boats difficult this season... Ramping up Drawdown will begin in a few days at Alum Creek Reservoir, where water levels will be dropped 11 feet during the...
  7. Boone

    One of these things...

    is not like the other.
  8. Mike

    Some things I saw this A.M.

    Didn't see any deer today so I did a little scouting on this new to me property. Here are some beds below the stand I was hunting. Some (coyote?) tracks near one of the beds. Is this an antler rub? More buck sign More buck sign
  9. COB-TY

    Dunb Things!

    Better than six years I did a really dumb thing. I fell like ton of bricks on the ice and spent three days in the hospital. Today I just did a dumb thing and fell like a half ton on the ice. I took the garbage out and did a little slip. Thought to my self I need to spread some salt. Took...
  10. Mao

    Found Swamp Thing's House

    Either his or the Ohio Grassman's.... Anyways... Dad and I didnt waste any time getting on the new property... We set this up this morning in the swampy creek bottom...I am hoping he can get a crack at a good buck and I can take a doe or tw from this spot...