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  1. Monster Raxx

    Cant wait for the first "I KNOW SOMETHING" thread

    These are some of my favorite threads and I cant wait for the first one :)
  2. Honestjohn

    New to this thread....

    My name is Al, joined TOO last August and hunted Ohio for the first time last fall and killed my biggest deer to date. I am from Philly, reside in central Pa now and lived and hunted mostly in southern New Jersey. I've bow hunted in northern Wisconsin for 13 years, so a short drive to Ohio is a...
  3. huntn2

    2013/2014 Trash Talkin Thread

    Have at it boys and girls...lets hear some talkin!!!
  4. bowhunter1023

    The TOO Live Hunt and Recap Thread: 2013 Edition

    Won't be long until this thread is blowing up! :smiley_clap:
  5. DJK Frank 16

    DJK Frank 16's Trail Cam Thread

    Got a chance to pull my lone camera I have out this year after almost a month soak. 644 pictures. No big bucks but some young bucks, a few does, and a fawn. This is all from a small tract of family owned ground that I would love to harvest a deer off of this year. Here are a couple of the...
  6. bowhunter1023

    1023's Camera Thread

    If you are looking for horn porn, best move on 'cause I ain't got none! :smiley_blackeye: However I do have a few pics worth looking at and I hope to have some much better ones in the coming weeks now that I actually have some cams out! How about this beard!?! :smiley_clap: Not much...
  7. bowhunter1023

    Smokers Welcome: Official Scent Smoker Thread

    It comes up enough that it earns its own thread IMO, so here it is. The official Scent Smoker thread here on TOO. I've dug up some good reviews and the like for people to read. You can also click here to purchase a smoker or watch this YouTube clip to learn more about it from our very own...
  8. bowhunter1023

    We have a thread for that!

    New to the forum? Official Welcome to The Ohio Outdoors Thread Have a bow to show off? Show and Tell Your Hunting Bow What about a new gun? Gun Porn Questions about hunting public land? Hunting Ohio Public Land Thinking of buying a Scent Smoker and smoking up? Official Scent Smoker...
  9. Curran

    Video Thread

    Just figured I'd start a thread to keep track of some clips. Almost like a highlight reel of hunting clips & short videos that we can share. I don't want to wish the time in my life away, but it seems like all I think about when it's not hunting season, is getting to the next hunting season...
  10. bowhunter1023

    TOO Projects Thread

    There are a lot of industrious people around here, so I know there are a lot of good projects going on our there right now. We have a few sporadic threads about them here and there, so I hoped condensing things in to one thread might prompt more people to let us know what they are up to. As...
  11. Buckslayer

    Buckslayer's Fishing Thread

    Just a few random catches from this week...biggest was 12 lb 9 oz flathead.
  12. bowhunter1023

    TOO 2013 Golf Thread

    I hope to play Sunday and this is a great way to get motivated! :smiley_crocodile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiiOqybRvsM&feature=player_embedded#!
  13. TripleA88

    TripleA88's trail camera thread

    Never had much luck nor tried very hard to get velvet buck pics but heres my first. Most of the bucks I have got pictures of at this property the past 3 years got the radiation poisoning. Theres a buck standing behind him with a solid right side and a fork on the left. I got another cam hung...
  14. Dannmann801

    General Question and Answer thread

    It might be fun and educational to throw out a few questions, jump right in.... Seriously...Ketchup packets... Anybody got any idea what the shelf life is supposed to be on them left in your work desk unrefrigerated?
  15. cotty16

    Cotty's 2012 trail cam thread

    Well, the first major check of cams produced a lot of pics, but no bucks to get real excited about yet. The first two pics I found kind of humorous. I am putting the minerals out and not far behind was a doe inspecting my work.
  16. CJD3

    New thread idea

    Enough people have asked "What is this?" that I wanted to suggest a new thread called "What Is This?"
  17. dante322

    another broadhead thread

    OK, so we have all done the "what broadhead do you use" threads. But here is what i would like to know. What broad heads have you tried? What did you like, dislike about them? what do you use now? and which ones are you thinking about trying? I used to shoot Muzzy 100 grain. They flew...
  18. jagermeister

    JBrown's 2012 Trail Cam Thread

    First camera check of the 2012 scouting season! I was going to wait until Tuesday, which would give the cams a full 2 week soak, but I just couldn't wait any longer! lmao The firmware update for the Spypoint seemed to help with picture clarity quite a bit, however there are still certain...
  19. bowhunter1023

    Jesse's 2012 Trail Cam Thread...

    Nothing much, but it will kick things off. The next cam check comes in an hour or so...
  20. hickslawns

    Food plot plant knowledge thread

    Food plots are definitely becoming more popular every year. I am far from an expert, but have dabbled with them for 3 years now. Maybe I should say, this will be my third season planting them. With this topic becoming more popular, I thought a thread specifically for plants used would be a...