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  1. T

    You Wack em We Track em

    Just wanted to let any hunters know that I am a tracker of wounded deer. I should say I am a handler of a tracking dog. I own a wire-haired Dachshund and we will travel all over the state of OH helping hunters recover deer. I am located in Winchester OH. I hope everyones shot is in the sweet...
  2. hunna771

    Help!!! Recurve doe track!! Help please!!!

    On December 31, 2011 i hunted the final 45 minutes of legal shooting time. Not expectng to see anything, i sat in a brush grounblind and didn't bring my camcorder. The view from the blind is limited so i couldnt see or hear much, if anything. The final 10 minutes came, i had 6 or 7 deer within...
  3. Gern186

    Track coach

    The ambitious coach of a girls’ track team starts giving his squad steroids. Their performance soars, and they go on to win the county and state championships. The day before the nationals, Penelope, a 16-year-old hurdler, comes into his office. “Coach,” she says, “I have a problem. Hair is...
  4. Dannmann801

    Look at this track

    As I was following trails in the snow Saturday on a steep hillside, there were trails going all over the place. Most of the tracks in the main trails were pretty small, but I came across a couple of larger tracks that seemed to be alone, not traveling with other deer. Funny thing is, instead...