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Look at this track


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As I was following trails in the snow Saturday on a steep hillside, there were trails going all over the place. Most of the tracks in the main trails were pretty small, but I came across a couple of larger tracks that seemed to be alone, not traveling with other deer. Funny thing is, instead of going around the hill or up the hill at an angle, the big tracks were always headed straight up or down the hill.

So I see this big track and decide to take a pic....I put a footprint next to it with my size 13 boot. The track is next to my boot, and then it looks like it was dragged forward.

Lookin at this track, what can you tell me about what I'm looking at?



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I'm thinkin that's a pretty big buck track...like twice as big as anything else I saw that day.

And I got another question - this is about a doe blowin....you know, the old alarm snort....when they stamp their foot and blow at you.
Anybody got a link to a good call to imitate it or suggest a model/brand?


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How deep was the snow? Did it step square in it's tracks? Was the back track slightly further right or left of the front? Did the back track step on half of the front track? Did it stop to pee?


Tatonka guide.
i just use an old snort wheeze from Drury....hell a good piss jug would prolly work...
def a buck , but almost all buck tracks i see they drag theyre back feet , were all his tracks like this or just this one , thats how i was taught it was a buck track cause theyre are slight hoof drag tracks , but this one looks like he has a bumb leg


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Buck with a bum shoulder or leg. Looks like he is gimpy and not putting his weight on that front and just drag hopping it along.