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  1. Foxy Flattails

    Beaver Trapping Basics On The River

    Below is a link to my video beaver trapping basics on the river. Included will be castor mounds feed beds drowners live catch bonus. If you’re interested in learning how to trap please subscribe for my future videos.
  2. R

    Newish Trapper Moving to SW Ohio (looking for any advice and tips)

    Hey, all Wanted to introduce myself a bit and was hoping to get a few tips/ trick about trapping in/ around SW Ohio. I'm moving up to the area in a few weeks to to start a graduate program at Miami University, and I was hoping that I would get to continue/ expand my knowledge of...
  3. Jackalope

    2013-2014 hunting and trapping seasons published.

    COLUMBUS - The 2013-2014 Ohio hunting and trapping season dates have been released by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Notable changes. Deer bag limits by county. Gun season extended to 30 min after sunset. Antlerless permits reduced to 1 in all three areas (Used to be 3 in...
  4. Bushmaster16

    Brand new trapper

    Hey guys, I'm 14 and brand new to trapping, just set my first and only trap of now. It's a live trap and I plan on catching a coon, then more later with some duke DPs I will eventually get. I put some tuna in the trap. This picture is from the same area I'm trapping at, they must really like...
  5. at1010

    Help trapping??

    I wanna learn to trap yotes, I have trapped coons with bait, and footholds, and I love it! I love getting rid of them. I just want help trapping yotes off my property, if I can make a bit of money in the winter thats cool too, but I would like to kill as many as I can. Anyone...
  6. S

    trapping convention

    Anybody coming to the OSTA convention in Lima next weekend?
  7. Kaiser878

    Whos next for trapping book?

    Im finally finished up with the community trapping book. Whos next?
  8. badger

    Some Trapping Pics

    After checking out Oakswamper's thread, I decided to dig out a few of my own. I haven't had much time to trap the last few years but looking at these pics might get me going. Some of these I've shared on other sites, but never here. I hope some of you get some enjoyment out of them. I'll...
  9. G

    Thinking about Trapping

    New to the site. I am thinking about getting started in trapping. I have been looking and reading about the Dukes dog proof traps, does anybody use them? And beong new to trapping, the only place I have to trap is public hunting lands, does any one trap public hunting aerea?
  10. F

    Trapping Video Thoughts

    Hey everyone, I am new to this site and was hoping to get your opinion on some videos I have. Since this site has people that have been trapping for 30+ years like myself, and people just starting out trapping, I thought this would be a good place to get some thoughts. I have a YouTube...
  11. Kaiser878

    Kaisers trapping thread

    So I have never really messed with trapping a whole lot...but I decided to give it a whirl on some of the yotes in my area after seeing some of you fellas pictures... I put out some hole sets and some flat sets the other day and just put some snares out today. THis morning I went to check my...
  12. saddlepants

    Thinking about trapping?

    Hey guys, I watched a trapping show yesterday and never really liked the idea but Im starting to think it could be something for me. Not having such good luck on the farm I have permission on for deer but its a good stretch of river that contains Muskrat, an occasional beaver and plenty of coon...
  13. twireman

    Coyote baiting and trapping.

    This is something I have been kicking around awhile. I know there are some die hard coyote hunters on this site. I have had very minimal success at calling coyotes in the past but I know my parents land holds a good number of them. The property is so thick it is hard to get an open shot on one...
  14. RedCloud

    Trapping section

    Could we put in somewhere ? This way we could share tips and tricks of the trade and of course some pics because we all know it would be worthless without pics lol.