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  1. jagermeister

    Federal Trophy Copper performance

    I know… it’s a little late for this post… but I just didn’t get a chance to write it up sooner. I’m a believer in the terminal performance of solid copper sabot slugs and this post is to offer some evidence to support my beliefs. I did some obligatory shooting the day after thanksgiving to...
  2. Huckleberry Finn

    FOR SALE Trophy Ridge 5 pin sight

    Trophy Ridge 5 pin sight. Used 1 season. $20 TYD
  3. motorbreaker

    Mad trophy rope

    Found this mad call trophy rope at cabelas in the bargin cave. I had a lot of sheds laying around and was looking for something to do with them. I have the 3' rope, It holds a mininum of 32 antlers. Just wanted to share with everyone.
  4. Beentown

    Trophy Ridge....very cool.

    Trophy Ridge React Sight... Just watch it....very cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxvASHu671E
  5. Bowhunter57

    Future Beach Trophy 144...ready to fish!

    Well, I got my Trophy 144 home and installed the Scotty rod holders, fishfinder and transducer. She's ready to fish! :smiley_cheer: Maybe later today, I'll get out on the water and see how everything performs. Trophy 144 with the cart Trophy Transducer Bowhunter57
  6. C

    Trophy shot training.

    Been shooting a few ground hogs round the house with the ol 22. Is it too early to start my son training for trophy shots. I don't wanna burn him out by starting him too early. He is gonna be 3 in August.
  7. steveOh

    Buckmasters Trophy Records Scoring Event-Ohio

    FYI Ed Waite, Regional Director of Buckmasters Trophy Records for Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky & Tennessee, will be measuring whitetail deer racks on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Maxwell's Hunting & Fishing Store in McConnellsville, Ohio from 9 AM to 5 PM. Any deer that makes the minimum...
  8. Beentown

    FOR SALE Trophy Ridge Alpha Sight $30

    - Rheostat Sight Light Included - 100% Aluminum Construction - Ultra Bright .019 Fiber Optic Pin - Sight Level With Third Axis Adjustability Great sight at a great price. Had it mounted until my main sight came in the mail. Found my CJ for back up. Thanks for looking and pics to...
  9. Johnch

    DEAL Bushnell Trophy Cam 2010 model

    I went with a freind to the Cabela's in Dundee this AM after Teal hunting I wasn't looking to buy anything But they had the 2010 model Bushnell Trophy Cam on closeout ( on the shelf ) for $119.99 So I had to buy another one If I would have had the ca$h I would like about 2 or 3 more...
  10. Mike

    DEAL Bushnell Trophy Cam 8 MP Nightvision Camera $149 free shipping

  11. Johnch

    Caught a true trophy today

    As the corn is hard now The coon are not interested in it anymore So I have only caught 2 in the last 10 days and both were young of the year But at 2 dog proof traps The marshmellows have started disapearing , including those in the trap Tired of donating to the critters So I...
  12. hickslawns

    DEAL Bushnell Trophy Cam

    Here is the best price on the Bushnell Trophy Camera I have seen in awhile. Probably last year's model, but not a bad price and 2 year warranty...
  13. camofry

    DEAL Trophy Ridge Dropzone

    Trophy Ridge Trd Dropzone Hunter Black Rh Md.# Atdk0130 $40 or trade for more stuff I dont need.
  14. bowhunter1023

    Trophy Cam Users

    What models are you running? After checking prices on eBay, I'm thinking I'll roll the Trophy Cam route. I wouldn't mind a little feedback regarding what model you have and any other tips/advice you would have. Do they accommodate a Python Lock?
  15. JD Boyd

    Trophy Ridge drop away

    They came out with a new drop, the Revolution. It fully contains the arrow on the rest and what I like best is the price, $49.99. Can't beat that for a drop away...
  16. U

    FOR SALE bushnell trophy cam 8mp

    well getting rid of some stuff that i am not gonna have time for in the next few years , so im starting with this , i have taking pics of the nieghbors cats and thats about it , every thing works on it , i havent tried the video mode yet , but for the price im selling it at ya cant complain...