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  1. buckbuster217

    vacation dillema

    I have 10 days of vacation to schedule for the upcoming deer season, usually I take a two week block and hunt hard for 2 weeks but I have had problems in the past with the temperature. It doesn't seem to matter what 2 weeks I take off one of the 2 weeks is unseasonably warm. I'm thinking this...
  2. dante322

    planning vacation time

    So i am putting together my plans for time off this fall. I am taking friday Oct. 11th through sunday the 13th for the strouds weekend for sure. I just finished reading the moon thread from last year and had my wife download the isolunar app to her phone. I have been trying to find some...
  3. Ohiosam

    Vacation in England

    Americans Jeff & Jim are Siamese twins joined at the hip. They walk into an airport bar & order a couple of beers. Bartender serves them and asks "You guys traveling on business or pleasure? "We're off to England for vacation" says Jeff "We go every year" Bartender says "...
  4. Mike

    Last vacation day - opinions

    OK guys please help me decide how to use my last vacation day. ALL day sit this Friday the 18th or opening day of gun? My gut tells me this Friday, but after last Friday's all day sit and only seeing one deer, I'm not sure.
  5. dante322

    scheduled my vacation

    took november 9th through the 15th off. anybody else taking time off?
  6. Beentown

    Someone needs a vacation...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kassP7zI0qc Cop is completely off his rocker. First tells everyone to shut up. Then doesn't conduct an interview with the driver for over 5 minutes. When driver tries to inform the cop won't let him speak... Time for a new line of work. Beentown
  7. Beentown

    Vacation is booked!

    I was so ready for the warm weather that I went ahead and booked our place for vacation today. I plan on trying to get together with Badger and Hornwilly for a day on the water. One day at Disney for the girls. Many days on the beach fishing in the morning/evening and chilling/swimming during...
  8. cotty16

    Smoky Mt. Vacation advice

    For the last three summers my family, along with a couple other families, have gone to the beach. We are looking for something a little different and I've always wanted to do mountain lake getaway. I've been looking at a place called Douglas Lake in the Smokies. It's very close to Dollyworld...