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Vacation is booked!


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Sunbury, OH
I was so ready for the warm weather that I went ahead and booked our place for vacation today. I plan on trying to get together with Badger and Hornwilly for a day on the water. One day at Disney for the girls. Many days on the beach fishing in the morning/evening and chilling/swimming during the midday.


June 11th - 18th

I was going to fly down but when I saw the prices for a rental car down there and the flights have went up....I'm driving.



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SW Ohio
Looks great Beener! We're headed somewhere around that same week. Prolly Myrtle or Destin. Hope you have a blast and a safe trip.


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Nice looking place Charles. We are flying down the morning of the third and flying back the thirteenth. I'll be in Ft Myers Friday and Saturday, and then checking in Sunday night in West Palm Beach. We will have to exchange numbers and try to hook up sometime if possible. There's a small window there, if not we will have to do it here in the anus of the country, Ohio! After all I still need to come check out your beaver.