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Someone needs a vacation...


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Sunbury, OH

Cop is completely off his rocker. First tells everyone to shut up. Then doesn't conduct an interview with the driver for over 5 minutes. When driver tries to inform the cop won't let him speak... Time for a new line of work.



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The cop is pissed because his buddy was crawling around the back seat, and he had his head in the car hile the dude had a CCW... Hey.. Dumb fuck.. Be happy hed a ccw and wasn't some dude with a key of coke in the trunk, a street bought pistol, and no respect for asshole cops with big fuckin mouths...

Be happy this was an honest law abiding citizen you were being a complete douche to.

Count your blessings that your wanton disregard for standards, policies, and procedures was with an honest law abiding citizens. You should be thanking this guy for showing you how much of an idiot with a badge you really are.. He saved your life weather you know it or not.. Failing to secure the scene first and foremost especially before crawling in a car combined with your mouth would eventually, one day, get you killed.


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Wood Co.
That is just complete bullshit. That cop needs to go back to the police academy and re-learn procedure. That's a great way, like Jack said, to get yourself killed.

UPDATE 7/22/2011: Canton Police announced Thursday that the officer was relieved of all duties in June following an internal investigation complaint filed in this matter. The local Canton Repository has done some additional investigatory work into the officers and an excellent analysis of the video / audio we posted. The video and story has gone both viral and national crossing over to websites not typically affiliated with the pro-gun movement. Shortly after 7:00pm Thursday our website could no longer handle the volume of visitors we were receiving. We promptly quadrupled the resources behind OhioCCW.org in light of the popularity of this story.
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Allen County
This "officer" has been suspended, pending further investigation.
Translation: This silly son-of-a-bitch is off fishing, on tax payers' money, while his union co-horts cover his ass with the cities' attourneys. :smiley_arrogant:

This prick needs to lose his career possibilities of ever being allowed back into law enforcement.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57