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  1. E

    Walleye Fishing Still Slow

    Walleye fishing remains very slow! There were a few fish caught over the weekend but the cold dirty water is making fishing tough. From the guys i talked to; trolling out produced jigging over the weekend. I think we are at least a week away from good fishing. Ryan
  2. E

    Weekend Walleye Report

    Walleye fishing is still very good in the western basin. Saturday, we started off casting north of b can and only pulled a couple of keepers after about an hour. The decision was made to start trolling, so I set the dipseys and started getting the boards in the water and both dipseys went off...
  3. E

    Awesome walleye fishing continues

    Fishing has been really good the past three days both casting and trolling. Monday, we trolled near A-can and pulled 35 nice eyes using stinger spoons, j-7's, and worm harnesses. Yesterday, the lake was angry early, but died down to a good drift and the eyes were on fire! We caught 36 walleye...
  4. DJK Frank 16

    Thousands of Walleye Dead On Erie

    Anyone read into this yet? I had a buddy of mine call me yesterday and tell me about it, but hadn't read the articles yet. Looks like this nasty spring has been tough on a lot things! http://www.detnews.com/article/20110514/METRO/105140338/1409/lake-erie-walleye-die-off-a-mystery
  5. swantucky

    Maumee River Walleye Run

    Nobody else fishing?? I have only made it out twice this year and only managed 1 fish. Had alot of laughs, I think I am going to jack around a little more this year and ease up on trying to run up a fish count. I think it will be more fun that way.
  6. swantucky

    Icefishing Erie Gear / Walleye

    I will start by saying this is going to be a fairly long thread. I am going to start with safety gear first. I am going to be long winded and explain why I carry what I do. I have added and subtracted stuff from this list over the years and this is what I feel is my minimum safety gear for...
  7. Johnch

    Walleye Lures for Lake Erie

    Well I was looking in my tackle box I keek the ice fishing stuff in And all I found was pan fish stuff Not suprising , since I have not been out on Erie in 10+ years and I let my brother use my gear 2 years back So it looks like we might get out on the lake yeat this year...
  8. Gern186

    The good ole days of 10 limit walleye

    I just found this picture of a large stringer of walleye I pulled from the mighty maumee quite a few years back when the limit was 10 per day! Man that was a heavy stringer! Do any of you guys remember pulling 10 fish out of there and carrying them across the island? Those were the days...