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1023's Farm Tour - March 13, 2021


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For those committed to attending, and for those still giving it some thought, here are some things to consider.
  • We will depart on the tour no later than 9:30 AM.
  • Expect to walk. I will have 2 four-wheelers available for anyone that wants to ride, but the main tour will be on foot for a loop of roughly 1.75 miles with 3 major changes in topography. Even if you ride, you're gonna need to walk a good bit. We can go for a ride after the tour for anyone bringing a quad. We'll take plenty of breaks along the way, so bring water/snacks if needed.
  • Expect to get wet. Bring a rain jacket.
  • We will return to a BBQ lunch around 12-12:30.
  • Anyone that wants to do some long-range shooting, I will have steel up at 100, 175, and 450 yards. I will have a pop-up for us to shoot under if it’s raining.
  • Dustin and I have our campers there, so anyone wanting to stay and hang out is welcome to do so. We’ll get a fire going late afternoon, so BYOB.
  • Anyone that just wants a place to hang out Saturday evening, come on out. Plenty of room to park and pitch a tent.
The tour will take us past “failed” habitat projects, successful and planned ones, and you’ll see a variety of treestand/blind scenarios. There’ll be a prize for anyone that finds a shed.

I have a short list of attendees, so if you're on the fence and need to get out of the house to burn off that cabin fever, your welcome to tour The Farm w/ No Name.
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I’m in deforestation mode (building plots and orchard) at my home and playing driver for son in baseball. The girls will be in Columbus at a gymnastics meet. Boys weekend at home with dog.
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I am so bummed I am missing this but with a 5-month prego wife, and a pandemic still going - she would just about murder me if I went to tour my internet boyfriend's farm! hahaha

All joking aside - Jesse, I hope you and I can connect sometime in the near future to tour each other's places!

Have fun and be safe all!
Should have posted this earlier in the week but I had put this date on my calendar as a probability and planned to be in Ohio no matter what this weekend. Was thinking perhaps we could at the very least come over for the afternoon to say hi to all. Plans always change and with my daughter now coming with her new boyfriend we also will have to bring the dogs for the weekend. Just going to be too much of a struggle to get away I think. Hopefully you guys video a bunch and throw it up on the podcast. Have fun everyone!


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And so it begins...