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1st evening gobbler....


Senior Member
Kingston, OH
Went out this evening around 430 to a roost spot I had heard birds on in early April. Started calling about every 20 minutes. Around 515 heard a yelp coming towards me. Ended up being a Jake that was in my lap around 15 yards away. I really contemplated shooting him with the season I have had thus far. Decided against it and he worked his way out of the area.

Around 6pm it was starting to get real calm and the birds were chirping away. I decided to get aggressive. I cut and yelped in a 10 note sequence. This bird hammered about 80 yards away. Thirty seconds later I yelped 3 times and he gobbled again. 10 more seconds I could see his head bobbing my way. He worked into my Jake/Hen decoys and I let the 1187 eat at 15 yards.

20 pounds. 10" beard. Each sput 7/8". I'm tickled to death with him.