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2 Special Hens


The Crew
I went out only 3 days this week and start day shift Saturday, so it will be awhile before hunting again.

Monday I set up on a good Tom and watched him excorted away by 2 hens. Didn't really think much about it at the time, it happens. Things got a little stranger Thursday morning. The Tom was gobbling and working the top of a hill. I got within 50 yards and set up but could not see him yet. I never made a sound or call. After at least 20 min I finally made a few yelps with a push call. The immediate response was not a gobble but a hen yelp and clucking. The next time the Tom gobbled he was crossing over the ridge line about 75 yards away led by 2 hens.

Friday morning, with the rain coming I got out early but only heard a gobble from way off. Worked my way towards him but he got farther away. A few showers came up and by 9:30 I am ready to go. I was walking up along the fence line and saw 2 hens in the field ahead of me. I figured a Tom may be around so I sat down a waited. Sure enuff there he was standing right in the path I was taking along the fence row. He mostly just stood around and stretch that long neck out to look around. As the hens were still feeding in the field and straight out from me I watched the Tom walk under the barb wire fence into the field. He didn't go more than 10 feet into the field. He stood there a short time ad made a couple of clucks and went back under the barb wire to where he started from. The hens clucked and went right to him and they faded away. Dang!
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