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FOR SALE 2009 Mathews Mission Menace FOR SALE


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Massillon, Ohio
I have a left handed mathews mission menace bow for sale. The draw length and poundage are completely adjustable without a press.

It hasnt even been pulled back. 10 out of 10. Only thing added is a stabilizer and ill throw that in for free. I bought it for my wife and shes not even interested in it anymore.

Would also make a really good bow fishing rig as well.

275.00 TYD OBO

320.00 and I'll add a dozen arrows gold tip ultralight 300 uncut and without fletching. knocks, etc included.

I still have the warranty card to fill out as well.

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Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
Let me know if 1023 doesn't snag it up. My son is a lefty and I have been looking at the Menace. If Jesse doesn't grab it I will try to work something out.
Have at it man. I talked with her and I'm not sure it's a safe investment of my money right now. I don't see her using it enough to justify the expenditure. I'm sure your son would get way more use out of it!