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2017-18 Coyote Challenge


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SW Ohio
My BIL Tim came over around 4:30 this afternoon and we were set up and calling at the farm I hunt by 5:15. I was the trigger man using his Browning Hells Canyon Speed 243 and shooting his 80 grain nosler handloads. Tim’s set up his Fox Pro caller out about 75 yards to the east of us with a nice slow steady northerly breeze blowing from one finger to another about 100 yards apart. He used everything in his arsenal from rabbit distress,crows,and other stuff before starting with the coyote vocalizations such has some howls and barks. A few minutes after the using some female howls and female pair calls we got a few to start howling way off to the east. After a few more series they appeared to close the distance but were still a ways off. A few minutes went by and right at 6 pm I looked off to the upwind side of the call about 150 yards out along the edge of the finger to the left I saw a yote pop out with its nose to the ground. I quickly swung my rifle toward that direction and motioned to Tim that I was locked in on one. He was set up in the brush behind me getting ready to start using his red lense later. I first attempted to get the bead on it free handed but at 135-140 yards I wasn’t steady enough so I reached for his Bog tripod and moved it in position,seated the rifle on it and clicked the safety off and settled in on it. When the crosshairs settled on the front shoulder I started the squeeze and at the shot it dropped. Tim comes walking up from behind laughing and said, “dropped like a sack of bricks!!” Held out his fist and said, “give me some!!” We tatered and I stepped it off to go get it. Stepped off 130 steps and found this female laying motionless. Hit right where I was aiming on the shoulder.

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