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2020 Rut Report. What County? Action seen?


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knox county ohio
Hardly any daylight of any bucks or does around here. New bucks coming thru on scrapes every couple day. Rut is gonna be rough on us this year with all the corn on and its not gonna get picked before the end of November. Gonna be alot of long sits and more mid day hunts.
Jackson county, scrapes opening up and a couple new bucks at night. Nothing to write home about
I just sold my cabin and land in Jackson county about 6 months ago. Had 11 acres butting up to wayne national. We were in oak hill. Just too far to drive and we have 4 kids. We had some nice deer on my land.
Was about to stand up to climb down when what looked like a doe (was dark) came crashing through an area of thick brush about 50 yds in front and to the right of me like something was after her. She calmed down then about 2 or 3 other deer came in to the left of me. Must have been a bachelor group because after they came in the one looked up from where they came and snort wheezed. Then here comes a much bigger bodied deer whos antlers were big enough to actually see in the dark. He rammed that buck that snort wheezed at him so hard the little guy fell down and then took off haha. Whole area smelled like tinks afterwards lol.
SE Ohio
Starting to see more roadside kills between Columbus and Athens on 33. Had my first mid day cruiser buck on camera 11:43 am today. Lots of fresh scrapes popping up, seen while hauling wood and feeding hay to cows. Good luck everyone. I’m in school all week.


Creston, Ohio. First shooter buck this season on my farm (we have all does and fawns until rut). Came in last night about 45 minutes after a doe and fawn. Checked my mock scrape and stayed for about 10 minutes before moving on. It’s getting deery out, but still all nocturnal.