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  1. Concordmeadowsfarm

    2021 Rut Report. What County? Conditions?

    Well it’s time for my annual thread. As most of you know I read a lot of post but don’t comment too much. I work this week and will need good reading! Thanks y’all! Go get em! 🦌 PS- I think it may already be over 🤣🤷‍♂️
  2. Concordmeadowsfarm

    2020 Rut Report. What County? Action seen?

    Well it’s time for my annual thread. As most of you know I read a lot of post but don’t comment too much. I got to get this thread up before next 2 weeks, I will be in school for work and will need good reading! Thanks y’all! Go get em! 🦌
  3. Concordmeadowsfarm

    2017 Rut Report. County, Conditions.

    2017 Rut Report. What County? Conditions? I know little action has kicked up, but fireworks will roll soon enough!! This is my annual thread. I am a regular reader, but don’t contribute much. Good luck to all, thank you for participating!
  4. Concordmeadowsfarm

    Ohio 2016 Rut Report. County? Conditions?

    Pre Rut activity picking up in Athens Co, lots of fresh scrapes, cruising bucks, no aggression yet...
  5. Concordmeadowsfarm

    2015 Rut Report, County, Conditions

    Athens/Morgan Small bucks getting wired. Cold weather has turned up action on bucks that had gone nocturnal, now moving earlier. Big challenge for me right now is winds and life/work schedule. One shooter I am really after. Sound Off!!
  6. matthewusmc8791

    Looking for Charles Alsheimer's 2013 Rut Predictions

    I usually buy it but this year im behind schedule. Any post it yet?? Thanks
  7. 4

    November rut vacations?

    Just wondering what everybodies thoughts were on when they were going to take their vacations for the rut? You always hear them on tv saying in the midwest you have to be in the woods late october thru the first wk of november. My experience the last 5 yrs or so it is still in the low to mid...
  8. hickslawns

    Coyote rut behavior?

    Anyone remember the time frame when most of the coyote breeding begins to take place? I know last year I saw signs of it in the snow but I don't remember when it was. I am leaning towards February, but not positive on the dates I first noticed. I am trying to push off any coyote hunting until...
  9. RUT NUT

    RUT NUT'S 2011 Mount

    Well I got to take some better pics today of my 2011 mount. I can not say enough about Derry Null Taxidermy! He will have my business as long as he's doing it. A great guy and one heck of a taxidermist. You can tell he pours his heart and soul into every piece he does. His quick turn around time...
  10. jagermeister

    2011 Rut Camp Recap

    I really wish I had some amazing story... or some amazing success pictures... or at least a close-call or two to share with you all. Fact is, this year's rut camp was anything but exciting for me. I hunted hard, I hunted long, I hunted flat out smart... and still couldn't get it done. We...
  11. Jackalope

    Are You Excited For the Rut...

    . This guy sure the hell is... :smiley_crocodile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCt_v8UTBUA
  12. RedCloud

    Missed the Rut again

    Pack it up boys. It's over before we ever got started. Maybe next year :smiley_crocodile: Click the pics for video lmao
  13. DJK Frank 16

    No Rut This Year.....

    At least according to Harold Camping... http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/05/24/judgment_day/ I think this dude needs to give it up.
  14. Jackalope

    The rut.

    Two ole boys were standing at the truck one early November day around lunch time. Bubba said to tom. Boy them deer sure were chasing this morning. We need to get lunch then get our butts back in the stand... I agree said Tom, let's run in to town and grab a bite real quick.. So off they head...
  15. Tree Monkey

    coyote rut

    Its starting to heat up walking back to my stand this afternoon I walked a ditch back and every 30yds there was piss mark and a sctraching bed. Some old boy wants a girl friend bad....I think I found a den in the ditch too...might set the camera up and if it is confirmed set a snare up or some...