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2021 velvet bucks

Curious to see what you all have when it comes to velvet bucks on camera so far this year. Being this is my first spring in ohio I have no idea how antler growth periods work up here. I do have some deer with 15-20 inches of growth already and some just starting out. Just curious what you all have! Post your pics!


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I have a few cams out but not to excited yet. I'll wait for the beans to start popping before I get crazy with cams.but I do have one that is gonna be a super star if he keeps it up.
I got my beans down April 10th. They’re about a foot and a half tall now. Had cameras out since right about when I planted! That’s a good looking bucks though man!


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I don't get too excited about how far along bucks are at this point. Some grow early, some grow late. I've seen some at the beginning of June that you would think are going to be 200" that top out around 150. Others look like nothing special going into July that finish up 150". The special ones grow from April into August. I do enjoy following their growth process though.
Not a velvet buck but a shed I found today. Walking the same trail I usually walk to put mineral out on this property. Absolutely insane the amount of mass at the base. Didn’t stick around to look for the other side but a hell of a find for the first week of June none the less


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I’ll be pulling cards on a 400 acre piece tomorrow that I haven’t been to since March 20th. Really looking forward to seeing what I have out there considering I obtained permission in March.