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2021 velvet bucks

Not the one I'm looking for but he'll do in 2022! Sorry for the picture quality but it's the best my cell phone would do. 18" 8 point for now.


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I probably have 30 deer of this stage in growth throughout this property. Pretty interesting to see just how many bucks are just cruising around this area with no mineral or bait within a quarter mile in any direction of this spot.


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I’m thinking this is his shed I found a few weeks ago…. Pretty similar brows and dimple on opposite side


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Keene, OH
I had a real opportunity yesterday - on a work telcon and beamed into camp - there was ol' Dutton - he hung around the SkiJump plot for 25min or so and I followed him - even felt a lil' bad when he needed a bit of privacy to take a leak - but not that bad :ROFLMAO:. I did my best to pay attention to work and track Dutton - worked pretty well. Cool to see the Eastern Phoebe come up and look for ticks on his back.

I didn't add any sound track to it so sit back with your playlist and watch a nice buck browse for awhile - season is just a couple months away.

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Just pulled a card from about a mile down the road from my other permission. Nothing crazy. Bunch of mid 120-130 inch 2.5 - 3 year olds. This buck may have some potential though as I encountered him last year towards the end of season. He seems to have an old battle wound or scar at the base of his neck and has put on somewhere around 15 or so inches


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