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.204 ruger


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Sunbury, OH
Dude it is all really Ford/Chevy/Dodge etc...

Here are my choices and why :

Most economical but still solid - Marlin X series closely followed by Howa. I like these over the Edge by Savage for budget rifles. The Marlins have a shit ton of extras in a great price point ($269 on sale) and I love there button rifled barrels and good triggers. Howa makes the American 527y in .204 Now that I think about it the closest Marlin makes is a 25-06...so never mind on the Marlin...

Mid Grade - IMHO you can't beat a Savage with the Accutrigger. The mid grades are where it is harder to decide. IMHO Remington rifles haven't been the same since Cerebrus Capital Management bought them. A buddt that I would trust with rifles still swears by them though. For a strictly hunting rifle my list would be - Savage then Ruger followed by Remington.

Upper end - Browning X bolt...I have an A-bolt (22-250) with the BOSS system that I love so I am a little biased. A Winchester 70 Coyote light is pretty sweet also but it is around $900.

Actually here is a reference of rifles available...


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I have had GREAT luck with Savage and accuracy right out of the box. I just have to damned many, that's all! :smiley_bril::smiley_adfundum: