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3 Salesmen & the Farmer's Daughters


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Central Ohio
Three salesmen got snowed in at a farmer's house. They had to spend
the night, and one salesman had to sleep in the attic, as there
weren't enough bedrooms.

The farmer, being a trusting soul as most farmers are, allowed his two
daughters to sleep with the two salesman, each in their own bedrooms.
Before retiring, the three salesmen discussed whether they were going
to score that night with the two daughters. They devised a code of
signals so that each could let the other two know if they were

The first said he would make the sound of a train horn and yell,
"Freight train through bedroom one!"

The second said he would yell out, "Mail train through bedroom two!"

Sometime after retiring, sure enough, the yell,"Freight train through
bedroom one!" was heard. A short time later, "Mail
train through bedroom two!" was heard.

Not wanting to be outdone, the salesman in the attic blurted out,
"Handcar through the attic!"