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31 days and counting

Tick River

*Supporting member*
Not sure yet,,,,, I've got several pups to work with this season. But I do want to get down your way and pull a hunt with you this year. I sent a couple of friends down your way last year but the area they were in did not seem to good to them??? I told them I would check with you on which part of the forest is best.
Take care,
nice to see you over her tick , there is certian parts of the forest that are better then others , its like little pockets of squirrels , but those pockets hold alot of squirrels and they are usually couple acres in size , would love to have ya down here , it would be cool to hunt with dogs


Rest In Peace Zach
Just had some excellent squirrel and gravy over taters and carrots for dinner a few nights ago from last years harvest.. Gets the rumblin's in the stomach going that only squirrel can satisfy.